26 August 2014

Musical closets

For the first time in weeks, I didn’t spend this past weekend painting! But only because the order of operations wouldn’t let me. Next up is the office, but as you’ll recall, the office last looked like this...

Fortunately, my wardrobes looked like this.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as simple as filling the wardrobes with the stuff from the office. First I had to play a bit of musical closets – like musical chairs, but much less entertaining to preschoolers. All my clothes that were currently filling the guest room had to end up in those master bedroom wardrobes.

Fast forward a bit, and hey, check it out.

Ignore the sweaters at the bottom, please. My wardrobe’s a bit in flux as I accommodate my expanding waistline. And yes, I am already taping reminders to myself inside the doors.

You guys, I am so glad to finally use those wardrobes. FINALLY. I only started to build them five freaking months ago.

Oh, but it gets better. I showed you these hacked RAST dressers over a year ago, and mine has sat nearly empty this whole time.

Now it’s full of undergarments and socks!

I confess, it’s still a bit odd to be officially living out of the master bedroom. I still wander into the guest room to get dressed, and sharing a laundry basket with Mr. P is suddenly weird (even though we totally shared one in our old house). Plus, my clothes are still a bit spread out – dresses and scarves are still in the office closet. But it’ll all feel normal again soon, I think!

And once I’d cleared out of Baby P’s future room, there was a flurry of laundry, followed by THIS:



I know I’ve said it before, but Baby P’s cousin (or at least his parents) sure was generous! Sorting through all those boxes was time-consuming, but in the end it felt pretty dang good to get everything in place. I’m not even showing you the drawers filled with diapering supplies, bottles, or breastfeeding whatnots. I feel incredibly prepared... well, until I think about the carseat, or the crib, or the million other little things to do. But still, it’s starting to feel like a third person can live here after all!

Nonetheless, my favorite before-and-after in this post is probably this one:

Assembled swing and bouncer (thanks, Mr. P)! Completely empty boxes! Ability to see the floor again! And thank goodness, an eyelid that twitches a little less now. Progress!


Tina said...

I was so anxious to see the little clothes hanging in the closet waiting for Baby P. Adorable. The truth that they were once worn by Cousin P - precious!

Janice said...

It's all looking really good! Just can't wait for Baby P to make his arrival :) I know, don't rush, your to do lists need to be "done" lists first :) You'll get there!