13 August 2014

Order of operations

Earlier this week, Mr. P and I met with Baby P’s prospective pediatrician. When the doctor asked when we were due, and I said December, he replied, “Wow, you guys are on top of things!”

Well. I do like drawing a nice, firm line through an item on a to-do list, don’t I? Hello Doctor, I’m Sarah P, and I will spend the rest of our professional relationship fighting my natural urge to be neurotic about hitting benchmarks.

Lately the Baby P preparations have been largely focused on similar not-super-fun things, like figuring out insurance plans and doctors and birth classes and blaahhhh grownup stuff. The internet lied to me: preparing for a baby involves way more than scrolling through Pinterest and making the cutest projects! Our baby needs more than a no-sew crib dust ruffle, he actually needs a doctor. WHO KNEW. Try pinning that, internet.

So, I’ve been prioritizing our to-do list – everything from those aforementioned yawn-worthy but oh-so-important grownuppy items to the more practical ones, like “Does baby have a place to sleep Y/N”. I wrote up all the recognizable essentials and gave them deadlines. Nothing like illustrating the forward progress of time with a weekly countdown to a baby’s arrival... and realizing just how few weekends there are until mid-December!

The prioritizing was necessary partly to ensure I’d get the important stuff done before wandering over to Pinterest and lose an hour doing nothing but scrolling. But I’ve also recognized that there’s also an order of operations to our preparations - this has to be done before that which has to be finished for this other thing to happen.

And so, here’s a glimpse into the project daisy-chain that’s going to happen around Casa P:

1) Paint the master bedroom

Well golly gee, that also gets a line drawn through it!

That had to happen before I could...

2) Transfer my clothes into the master bedroom

Those who remember far too much of what I say might remember that, owing to our teensy closets, I keep all my clothes in our guest room.

But that’s been a hassle, so moving my clothes to our own bedroom has been on my list for awhile – it’s even on my 35 by 35 list. Now that another person will be sleeping and keeping his belongings in that room, it’s even more important to get my clothes into our master bedroom. I had to get the room painted first, so I could move the wardrobes to paint while they were empty. (Bonus points will be awarded if I can get the wardrobes trimmed in wood before Baby P arrives... those plans are also in motion, though not essential in the order of operations!)

Once I get my clothes out of the guest room, I can...

3) Unpack all the baby goodies from Baby P’s cousin

You know exactly what baby goodies I’m referring to. ALL THESE GOODIES.

There’s not really a point in unpacking these boxes until there’s a place for the things to go – specifically, the closet and dressers in the future nursery, which are currently holding my clothes.

But when these boxes are unpacked, I can...

4) Move the shelves out of the nursery

These shelves here in the guest room/future nursery...

...are eventually going elsewhere. Like in this little window nook:

That was the plan all along for this window – to create a built-in-bookshelf look. The shelves aren’t as wide as the window, but that just leaves room for the curtains to flank it perfectly! That window is currently blocked by the baby haul, though, so again... order of operations.

And once the shelves are out of the way, I can...

5) Build the crib

The crib, y’all! We have it! It’s just waiting to be assembled!

The story of how we obtained the crib is worth saving for another day (I may or may not have cried in the middle of an IKEA self-service area). But now it’s at least in our house, and even if Baby P makes an obscenely early entrance, we should hopefully be able to answer Y to the “Does baby have a place to sleep” question!

When the crib is where it belongs in the nursery, I can...

6) Decorate the rest of the nursery, omg finally

Consider this the dessert at the end of a very long meal. Because there’s so much to do before this, I haven’t put a ton of thought into exactly how to decorate the nursery. And yet... people are already asking what our nursery colors are. I’m all... bluh? Colors? Our baby doesn’t have a doctor or health insurance and we’re talking about colors? I appreciate your interest but I just can’t even.

Ok, fine. I will admit I’ve long harbored a crush on this nursery, even when Baby P was still hypothetical. So this is a good indication of where we’re likely headed.

This means our nursery colors are... neutrals? Sounds about right.

Anyway, we’ve got a lot to do before we even get to the Pinteresty part! And this isn’t even all the items on the to-do list. Like, I still need to paint the rest of the apartment before my belly gets in the way, and purchase several key items (I hear a regular seatbelt is not sufficient for securing a newborn into my car). It’s a long road ahead of us in a short amount of time, dear readers! Time to start drawing lines through these items!


Rachel C said...

Your to-do list is quite impressive, and I have no doubt that you will complete all of it.

And it is oh so true that major life and adult events are full of non-fun, unpinterest worthy tasks. When I was engaged, everyone talks about the fun stuff - planning, dresses, cakes - but no one mentions the of so important, but boring tasks like changing your name, possibly changing insurance, submitting address changes.

Janice said...

You'll get the key things done, no worries. The rest? You'll be amazed that what you think you really need to do and what you have to do are not necessarily the same but it all gets done at some point :) You got this!