21 August 2014

The master bedroom wardrobes, part 4 (a cliffhanger resolved)

For anyone paying super-close attention to the order of operations (that would be n=1, which is me), you (I) know that I need to move all my clothes into the wardrobes into the master bedroom so the new tiny roommate has a place for his belongings in the guest room/nursery.

Just one problem: I still couldn’t open the wardrobes. Because months later, I still hadn’t chosen which handles I liked best.

Silver or gold? Silver or gold?! I liked them both, and just couldn’t decide. I’ve never had such a stalemate on a decorating decision before, which is a bit ridiculous considering how low-stakes this decision is. They’re handles, they cost all of thirty dollars total, and they take approximately five minutes to install. But because I wasn’t regularly using the wardrobes, I didn’t have to force myself to make a decision, so I just let them both sit there.

Well. Score one for procrastination. You see, after I painted the master bedroom, I suddenly had a clear preference! See, this is why orders of operation matter, people.

And the winner is...

Gold! Which some of you liked, some of you didn’t. Sorry to disappoint if you disagree.

Here’s why I went with gold – and why the paint color mattered. The previous pinky-beige was such a warm tone in the northern-exposure light. Coupled with my blue d├ęcor, the room read, as commenter Tina called it, like an “homage to the blue and mauve era of the 80's”. Oh my gosh, she is so right. And you know what else was popular in that same era? BRASS ACCENTS.

(PS I am so terribly sorry if this is your house... or looks like your house)

I think that unconscious association turned me off to the gold handles originally. But of course, brass has made its comeback today... warming up cool neutrals. And once the bedroom had a color palette NOT reminiscent of the Golden Girls, it was clear that more gold was only a good thing.

The silver handles just looked too cool with the greige paint. And speaking of silver... choosing gold does mean that side of the room is looking a bit mis-matchy with the silver handles on the dresser. I contemplated switching them out, but I just can’t – those handles are just too perfect for the lines of that dresser.

So I’m embracing the somewhat ecletic look... at least until we clad the wardrobes with wood stained the same shade as the dresser. Remember the badly-photoshopped inspiration image? (With silver handles, natch.)

That project is somewhat in motion – “somewhat” meaning that when my parents offered to help with baby projects, I told them they’d be most helpful taking on this project. Hey, it’s indirectly related to baby, and one I really shouldn’t do myself (VOCs in stain aren’t good for expecting ladies)! So my handy stepfather took some measurements, and we’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, now that I can actually open the wardrobe doors, it’s time to fill it up!

The wardrobe saga continues...


Rachel C said...

I was on team silver, because, if I'm honest, I'm always on team silver. (I'm not cool enough to figure out how to be on Team Gold and not look like the 80s dining room horror picture.) That being said, with the new paint, I love the look of the gold.