09 September 2014

Crib notes

Guess what, errbody! Tiny new roommate has a bed!

Ok, fine. You already knew that. He’s had a bed for a while. It’s just... been like this.

And okay, he doesn’t have mattress. Or sheets. Or anything that actually makes this bed functional.

But let me tell you, that is a hard-won crib. Mr. P and I had to run all over Chicago last month with the specific goal of purchasing a white IKEA GULLIVER crib for the newest member of Team P. I had my heart set on that crib as I loved the style, the safety reviews, the size (it’d fit under the weird sloped wall), and the low low price.

When we left for Chicago in the morning, I checked the IKEA app and learned there were only two white GULLIVER cribs in stock at the Bolingbrook IKEA, which honestly set me a bit on edge. I thought we should perhaps go ahead and get the crib when we arrived at lunchtime, but Mr. P was confident it wouldn’t be an issue. He thought that we should just have lunch first and then do all our shopping. (Cue the ominous music.)

You can see where this is going. While standing in line at the IKEA cafeteria, the number of white GULLIVER cribs in stock at the Bolingbrook IKEA dropped to one. I went into panic mode and sent Mr. P down to the warehouse to grab the last one. He returned to say... there were actually none. Zero. No white cribs left. Yes, he was certain he checked the right place. Yes, he looked nearby. Was I sure I didn’t want one in birch finish? There were plenty in birch finish. Like, TONS in birch finish.

Do you even want to guess how hard it was to not enter a full-blown pregnant lady ugly cry at that moment?

So there was an emotional IKEA lunch, followed by emotional IKEA shopping, followed by emotional wandering about the IKEA warehouse hoping a white GULLIVER crib would magically appear amongst the KIVIKS and HEMNES and FLUGERBLARFENS. When one did not, we resigned ourselves to drive up to the Schaumberg IKEA for my beloved crib, adding about an hour and a half round-trip to this stupid crib errand.

And this is where I need to give major props to Andy at the Bolingbrook IKEA service desk. Andy is apparently well-versed in the signs of a pregnant lady meltdown in the middle of an IKEA warehouse, because he phoned the Schaumberg store, had them locate and reserve a precious white GULLIVER for us, chatted with the duty manager to get our lunch reimbursed, gave us a map to Schaumberg, and then explained to us exactly where to go and who to talk to when we arrived. The last part he did in a tone of voice which would be perfectly appropriate for a suicide hotline. Pregnant ladies, if you need help at an IKEA, Andy is your man. He will see those tears welling up in your eyes and MAKE IT RIGHT.

So while I wasn’t thrilled about the Schaumberg leg of this crib adventure – nor the crowds we encountered there, nor the freaking octagon shape of the store – at the end of the day, I had my crib. I had my white GULLIVER crib!

And now? It is assembled.

YAY! I’d say something about baby steps, but even I’d groan at that pun.

Rather than my usual process pictures of the assembly, I thought I’d make a nifty timelapse series of photos taken automatically by my computer. Unfortunately, I failed to realize that it’d stop taking photos if my computer screensaver came on. Is that obvious to everyone else? Am I the only one who’d assume it’d keep taking shots even with the screen off? Should I have totally expected something like that to happen after the major drammmmz of getting the dang crib? Hmm.

So while I have plenty of shots of me wrangling the box...

Reading directions...

Trying to identify parts...

And scraping off SO MANY STICKERS...

There’s not a lot of actual assembly that was documented, as box-wrangling and direction-reading and sticker-scraping took so dang long that my computer gave up on me. Oh well.

But once again, the story ends well! On the upside, this was by far the easiest IKEA furniture I’ve ever assembled. That might be because there were no drawers or doors to drive me batty, or perhaps because Mr. P helped out – there were parts I literally could not manage solo, and once he was helping he just kept at it. It was together in under an hour!

The shape, size, and color are exactly what I’d hoped for, and it seems remarkably sturdy. The only thing I find a bit annoying is how the screws show on the sides:

I do have little plastic caps that could cover them (which did not come with the crib), but that seems like a choking hazard waiting to happen. So, I’ll live with it!

And now that we have the crib all put together, I’m hoping the rest of the pieces will start to fall into place as well. I’ve already got some projects brewing...

More on those later!


Miles said...

OH SNAP, YHL!! I'm not sure if you still follow but the whole debacle has been fun for me witness. I hope they get things figured out. And, I hope Bower Power gets things up and running again soon because what else is there to read?!!

Sorry to hijack your blog with my YHL musings.

Yea for baby decor! Will you share the name or wait until the birth announcement? Wishing you the best as you creep into your 3rd and LAST trimester with the new guy!

Tina said...

Congratulations, Crazy Pregnant Lady and Patient Daddy-to-be on a job well-done! ;-)

Rachel C said...

Ah! Is that your sneak peek fabric from a few weeks ago that I fell in love with!? Baby P is going to have the BEST BEDDING EVER!

Also, your story about almost losing it in the middle of IKEA and have a meltdown actually reminds me of every experience I've ever had there, except I can't blame pregnancy. :-/

Sarah said...

@Bekah, we've talked about some names but we're going to wait to officially name him when we see him! That feels most right for us. And honestly, I don't understand the YHL drama at all. They seem like truly nice, super hard-working people (I know how hard it can be to "put yourself out there" and post daily!), so the torches and pitchforks just don't compute for me. I feel bad for them and hope they can work it out, too.

@Rachel, it's the same fabric! I'll spill about that later this week! And you really can't be blamed for an IKEA breakdown. I'm pretty sure the overwhelming scent of cinnamon rolls is somehow designed to keep crying at bay.