03 September 2014

DIY: easy pillow repurposing

I haven’t talked a ton about nursery design yet, and this is mostly why. But I do have a basic plan in my head, and I can at least tell you that most of the furniture in the room is staying put. I know! It’ll still seem so much like a guest room and not like a spesshhulll roooom for a pressshhhhusss baaabeeee, which Pinterest has trained us to think is essential! Well, friends, this is a two-bedroom apartment. It’s gotta serve double duty and that’s that.

And anyway, I’m fine with the bed staying in there, because it gives me and Mr. P a place to crash if (haha, WHEN) he needs feeding or soothing in the middle of the night. We also have a charming, perfectly petite rocking chair in there already – remember this post?

My sweet grandma passed that on to me with the (very specific) instruction to use it in our future baby’s nursery. Here it is, Grandma! Ready to go!

Of course, if you are a seasoned parent, you are already thinking (and laughing) to yourself: that is the worst possible chair for tending to a baby in the middle of the night. It’s hard wood. It’s missing much-needed armrests. It’ll be comfortable for about three minutes before we’re miserable.

Yes, well. All of those things could be true. And we might replace it in the end – my sister-in-law has a glider on offer, plus I’ve got dreams of DIYing an IKEA rocking chair like this or this. But for now, we don’t know if we have a baby who likes to be rocked, and of course, there’s also a giant bed in his room we can comfortably sit on.

So instead, I decided to just comfy up the furniture we’ve got. Comfy = more throw pillows, and more throw pillows = more fabric patterns yay! I’ve been dying to bring some buffalo check into my home for a while, so I grabbed two of these on our last IKEA trip:

But I did not grab corresponding inserts. I had a different plan. Not long ago, I replaced the giant king pillows I’d used on our bed (technically, both on my side of the bed) because they were old and grody and lumpy. But I didn’t get rid of them, because I knew they’d come in handy.

When I ripped them open, there was indeed lumpy, matted polyfill...

But there was also plenty of stuffing that was perfectly fluffy, or at least could be coaxed to be fluffy after a bit of pulling. Into the pillows they went!

Because the IKEA pillow covers have a zipper closure, I don’t have to worry much about the poyfill slipping out. So I stuffed them with as much as they could possibly hold – and they’re SO much bigger and more comfy than any regular pillow form I’ve seen! I basically used all the non-matted filling from both king-sized pillowcase to fill these throw pillows. They’re insanely poofy!

And fit right in with the rest of the pattern parade going on in there.

For the cost of two pillow covers ($12), I’ve substantially upped the cushy factor for this room – far less money spent than a new PB glider costs, that’s for dang sure. Who knows if we’ll end up buying a new rocking chair for this room... but for now, with these new guys, the furniture that’s already there has a fighting chance!


Rachel C said...

Love the buffalo check. Love this room in general. I can't wait to see how you turn it into a combination nursery and guest room, which I think is so smart. It's nice to see you making the apartment work for your needs instead of making it work for Pinterest's needs. Out of curiosity, does the office have doors so it could be used as a guest room down the road if needed? (Maybe as Baby P grows or if a second Baby P comes along?)

Sarah said...

@Rachel, there are theoretically doors that can be attached to the office, but they were removed because it's intended to be a dining room (with the chandelier and all). I think they're still around somewhere? Still, I'm not sure it's useful to put them up, because the nursery/guest room can only be accessed from the office. It's the single room that doesn't have a door from the foyer - nice isolation for sleeping baby! As for "down the road", honestly, a job-related move is likely in our future before any of that would become an issue.