02 September 2014

Eats: JtB's ultimate club sandwich (made slightly less ultimate)

If I had an official “pregnancy craving” food, I think it would be sandwiches. Granted, I don’t think it’s a pregnancy craving so much as my latest food phase (prior to this it was tacos, prior to that it was it was anything with basil and/or pesto). But still, I cannot get enough sandwiches these days. I’ve never been a breakfast eater, but since the second month of pregnancy, I’ve had a toasted ham, egg, and cheese practically every morning. I’m ordering sandwiches in restaurants even though I usually avoid them because they don’t seem elaborate enough. I’ve bought more lunch meat in the last few months than I ever did in the years before. And if burgers can count as sandwiches.... whoooo. I don’t think I’ve eaten much else.

The great irony is, of course, that pregnant ladies can’t eat turkey sandwiches. Or at least, that’s the rumor on the street. So I looked into why (good scientific researcher that I am) and found out the answer is listeria. Listeria is serious bidness for pregnant ladies and sounds absolutely terrifying – the baby can have a life-threatening infection in utero while the mom exhibits no symptoms. But here’s the thing: it usually doesn’t come from lunch meat. One of the most recent scares came from, of all things, Trader Joe’s hummus. You don’t see the baby books fretting over hummus, do you?

So. Because listeria can come from basically any uncooked or cooked-then-refrigerated food, I eat lunch meat. If I truly wanted to avoid listeria, I’d eat absolutely no fruits and no vegetables. Since I doubt my doctor would approve of a solid diet of grilled cheeses with a side of doritos, I’ll take my chances.

Anyway! That was a long-winded way of saying that this pregnant lady is all about Joy the Baker’s ultimate club sandwich. Mine was less ultimate because I didn’t use all top-shelf ingredients, but Joy’s right: it’s hard to make a bad sandwich. Just pile delicious stuff on bread, done!

In this case I used roma tomato, bacon (already cooked), provolone cheese, avocado, deli-sliced turkey, and goat cheese. Pasteurized goat cheese! Because I am smart about food safety, not just a rule-breaker. Oh, and Dijon mustard, which didn’t make it into the photo.

All that got piled onto slices of a nice crusty loaf procured from my grocery’s bakery.

Unlike JtB’s bread, mine was more suited to broiling than grilling. Keep in broiling vs. grilling in mind when selecting your bread!

Onto the bread I slathered the Dijon and goat cheese.

Then added the provolone and the meat.

Now’s the point where if you’re going to broil, broil! I waited to add the rest of the ingredients because I didn’t want them to get all hot and steamy in the toaster over. Just broil until the cheese is nice and melty. Otherwise you can add the rest of the ingredients and grill – if the tomato and avocado are in the middle, they won’t get too warm.

Either way! The tomato and avocado are next.

And finally, smoosh it all together and think about how you’d pay a ridiculous sum in a restaurant for a sandwich like this. Maybe it seems ridiculous that I just blogged about making a sandwich... but you just need to take a bite of this one to understand.

Pregnant or not, that is one tasty sandwich. And if you take Joy’s advice to use the fanciest of ingredients, I’m sure it’s even better! But the standard stuff is pretty tasty, too. Enjoy!


Tina said...

OMGoodness. In MY fretting over YOUR diet, turkey never crossed my mind. I've had a learning. On the news a while back I heard about TJ hummus. (Of course, you know I did -because I emailed, texted, or called you re: that.) But turkey?
Oh wait... I think... Yep... Somewhere back in the far fringes of my mind... Yep. IT's there. The Listeria Fret/Turkey Monster does exist... How did I ever overlook not mentioning IT before??? I must be slipping'...
Thank you for being such an excellent scientist mommy-to-be to MY new grandson. ;-) <3 U

Janice said...

Eggs? Hamburger? Avocado? Cheeses? You have the fixings for breakfast burritos! Every couple months I make a batch. Wrap individually in wax paper. Place all in gallon Ziplock. Yes indeedy-dee, mornings I take one out of bag, into micro for 1.5 min and wah-lah, breakfast to go!
As for pregnancy concerns, it's great you're on top of things. I never knew about turkey, eek. Read article in paper today about Colgate Total toothpaste should be avoided in preg. as well. What's the world coming to?!!! ugh! Sandwich does look tasty!