08 September 2014

Eats: nutella swirl banana muffins

Longtime readers are well aware that I buy bananas that I do not eat. It’s a problem. But that’s okay, because I have many delicious solutions. And now I have yet another!

In my defense, I’ve done a decent job of eating the bananas I buy as a snack at work. But once I had the idea of nutella banana muffins in my head (recipes are all over the web, but I used this one), I couldn’t possibly eat just a plain banana for snack time at work. They’re basically cake you can eat for breakfast or a snack without getting a single bit of side-eye. Actually, you’ll only have envious coworkers commenting, “Oh my gosh, that looks so good.” They’re not wrong!

Start with four ripened bananas. Or three. I had three. It’s fine. Peel ‘em and mash ‘em up.

Total sidebar: did you know we typically peel our bananas incorrectly, at least here in the States? You’re supposed to start with the opposite side, away from the stem. I know this because the middle-aged Polish-born lab technician next door give us younguns a lecture every time she notices us starting with the stem side.

Add in the sugar, a half-cup each of white sugar and brown sugar. Then, because we are all members of Concerned Citizens Against Dishwasher Manufacturers’ Conspiracy to Use Extra Bowls, add in the small-volume dry goods: one teaspoon each of baking soda and baking powder and half a teaspoon of salt.

(I mean, you could mix those dry ingredients in another bowl as the original source suggests. But then you’re just another baker sucked into the conspiracy!)

Next up: one egg. A quarter-cup vegetable oil. A teaspoon of vanilla (if you bother to measure your vanilla. I never have).

Finally, stir in two cups of flour and half a cup (two handfuls) of nuts. I used pecans because it’s what I had on hand.

Batter up!

Prepare a muffin tin with nonstick spray, or liners if you’re fancy. Add the batter. If you’re following the source, you’ll fill them 3/4-way full and get about 18 muffins. If you’re doing it my half-assed way, using one less banana and one less dirty pan for big poofy muffins, you’ll get a dozen.

And now, for the reason you all decided to read this recipe in the first place: NUTELLA. I don’t judge, it’s the only reason I clicked over to it, too. Here it is!!!! NUTELLA!!!!

Add a spoonful to the top of each muffin and swirl with a toothpick. Both the nutella and batter are sticky, so do the best you can. I just tried to spread out the nutella over the top, really. No beauty contests here!

(I’d only swirled half of them in the photo above, in case that’s not obvious.)

Then pop them in a preheated 350-degree oven for 15 minutes. Go take a shower or get ready for your day or something. When the time’s up...

Hello, lovelies. What a way to start your day! Or recharge in the afternoon! Or, honestly, both.

You know, I think I might start letting my bananas over-ripen on purpose. “Oh nooo, my bananas are too mushy, guess I just have to make muffins.” Hope you can do the same... and enjoy!


Janice said...

As I turn around to find 1 dying banana on my counter I think to myself, I need to go buy 2-3 mushy bananas so I can make this recipe!