17 September 2014

Gray it away

Oh hey, guess what. I painted another room.

Why is that so dang easy to say – just four words! – but so hard to complete in person? I confess, I recently fell down the wormhole of reading old posts from Manhattan Nest during free time that I absolutely do not have (that is to say, I read it when I should have been doing something more important, or at least more productive). That blog is such a simultaneously satisfying but disheartening read. Daniel’s all, oh hey, this week I tore out all this old linoleum and caulked the wood floors underneath and painted them and while I was at it I patched plaster with drywall and perfectly skim-coated it and then hung wallpaper and thrifted the most perfect ceiling light and retrofitted it to my home’s ancient wiring, ta-da!

Meanwhile, I painted a room.

Although I guess if we’re truly keeping count, I also did some complicated genetic experiments and collected electron microscopy data and mentored some young scientists and wrote a lecture and gestated another entire person AND painted a room. Perspective?

Anyway. Let’s not forget all the prep work involved with painting, like figuring out how to shove all the furniture to the middle of the room.

And creating an utter disaster in the room next door.

(At least this was prior to the crib building. One mess at a time.)

Every single time I paint, this is seriously one of my major deterrents. I just cannot get over how frustrating it is to completely destroy two rooms just to make one pretty.

I don’t have a bunch of process shots this time, mostly because I wanted to FINISH PAINTING and also I was painting at night when the light was awful. I was mentally and physically exhausted and just could not be bothered to pick up the camera. And anyway, you know all my painting tricks by now. So let’s fast forward to the finished product:

Worldly Gray, you are still my hero! You are gorgeous both in this dim room and in the sunny room next door. I mean, they look like the same color, which honestly, wasn’t the case for the previous color. The only thing worse than pinky beige is the appearance of eight different shades of pinky beige.

One fantastic aspect of Worldly Gray is how it takes things like the chandelier – things that scream 1990s in other contexts – and helps them look more updated and intentional. Trust me, I’d swap out this chandy in a heartbeat if I could, what with its weird gold molded tassels and janky twist-tie situation shortening the chain. But in the meantime, it’s nice that just switching the room color can modernize it a bit.

I’m also still in love with the finish of this paint. Eggshell FTW!

I wish I had a proper photo with the previous paint for comparison, but the satin finish used to highlight all the bumps and lumps on that wall adjacent to the window. You can sort of see what I mean in wide shots here, but even if you can’t, just know that the wall has apparently undergone some major patching in its one-hundred-plus years. I campaigned for eggshell when selecting the paint with my landlady, and I’m so glad that she gave in and let me have that instead of satin. They look super similar in the store samples, but in real life, eggshell really makes the difference for hiding imperfections.

Immediately after painting and putting everything back in place, I dumped stuff into the office from other rooms, so there’s no great “after” photos. And it feels strange even calling it an “after” just to have the furniture back, because this room feels far from done. But... not nearly as far as it was. I’ve managed to cross off several items on this list (even putting a white shelf under the window, as I’d envisioned), and now that the room is gray, I’m better at seeing where else this room needs to go. High five for that!

And now we’re four rooms down...

... one beast of a pinky-beige monstrosity to go! In my third trimester. Oh dear. Hold me.


Janice said...

You got this girl! One room to go? You'll pound that out in no time flat! Next thing, we'll read you're working part time as a professional painter for apts! :)

As for the chandelier, take heart, guess what I heard was coming back into vogue? Bright shiny brass!! See, you're cutting edge decor is what it's all about.