30 September 2014

My Favorite Things, September 2014

Holy moly, we’re here at the end of September. Between frantically finishing up some major projects at work, meeting those teaching commitments (that seemed soooo minor back when I agreed in the spring and summer), and discovering just how hard a fetus can kick me in the ribs, I feel like I need to take a breather. But no time! No time to sit around! Let’s get this list of things I loved GOING because we gots other stuff to do, y’all!

Design links I loved:

Let’s make fun of Anthropologie furniture! I think I have spent a grand total of ten minutes in my life in an Anthro store, and I kinda want those minutes back.

Lest you think I am a snob, though, please know I just spotted my beloved old coffee tables in an art exhibit... making fun of them with our everyday decor. (I wish I had a proper source for this photo, but I couldn’t find it on the cornea-searing main website. yikes.)

I usually can’t stand inspirational quotations as art when they show up on my facebook news feed, but something about Tracy Shutterbean’s collection inexplicably cheers me.

And finally, it took less than a week for the scent of cinnamon rolls to waft across the state so that I would know: IKEA is FINALLY in Missouri. (Meanwhile, the IKEA a mile from my home is barely a giant hole in the ground.)

Parenting links I loved:

I guess I need to start thinking about clever ways to take my baby’s photos or he’ll grow up assuming I just didn’t love him as much as those other Pinteresty moms.

This lady has the best perspective on home and family. I’ll stop whining about our dirty house now.

And I will continue to dad-crush on Stephen Colbert (i.e. pretend he is my father) all the live long day.

Sciencey stuff I loved:

I’ve been saying this for years: you shouldn’t believe in evolution. If you’re not clear why I said that, please read the article. (And even if you are, it’s one of the most well-written and straightforward essays I’ve seen on the subject!)

And while I’m being a grouch of a scientist, I’ve never appreciated the popularity of IFLS. Liking a facebook photo is easy. My day job is pretty dang challenging! I think we all know who really loves science, here.

MAPS I loved:

Is it weird that I seem to have a whole section devoted to maps every single month? Hmm. Nonetheless!

Similar to assigning every state a meat, here’s a map assigning every state a dessert. I’m not so sure about banana pudding, but I will OWN that gooey butter cake.

Mr. P sent me the link for this whole website because he knew I would love it. He is correct. This one of literary London is my favorite.

And while we’re still thinking about the UK, I’ll mention I was very nervous about the UK breaking up with Scottish independence. And as a naïve, selfish outsider, my fear was based entirely on the potential loss of the Union Jack flag. Fortunately Scotland isn’t changing the map, and these separatist movements probably won’t, either.

Odds & ends I loved:

My coworker started a Fantasy Football league for our lab, and because hardly anyone knows what they’re doing, I was up for participating. So far my record is middling (2-2) BUT I named my team Armies in their Sleevies after my all-time favorite joke, so I think I’m a pretty great manager overall.

This list of Arrested Development quotes we need to keep saying made my day delightful. That show, it just wears well.

And finally: Otters I loved:

They don’t look like Benedict Cumberbatch, but they’ll do.


Miranda said...

Yay! Favorites are my favorite posts. :)

Tina said...

Favorites are my favorite posts, too!
I just need to get up earlier on the days you blog them. =P

Rachel C said...

These are some of my favorite posts, on your blog and others. Such interesting articles and tidbits that I wouldn't see otherwise.