19 September 2014

Photo Friday #169: drenched

You probably were not, but just in case you were wondering: I am still walking to work. It’s really the only way I get exercise, and since I’m supposed to be exercising nowadays and have ZERO ENERGY, going to and from work itself is my exercise.

Nine times out of ten, that is a good decision. Occasionally, a freak fall rainstorm makes that the worst decision ever.

So yes. I was that pregnant lady, pathetically cowering under a tree, unable to walk any further on the flooded sidewalk in her ballet flats, in gusty rain so heavy that she can’t type a coherent text to her husband to come and rescue her.

Exercise is overrated.


Janice said...

Hope your day got better!

Tina said...

Awwwww. Poor Baby with Baby... Maybe try calling instead of texting next time.