16 September 2014

The furniture shuffle

Just a quick update to fill you in on more of the ENTIRE HOME UPHEAVAL that’s going on around here. First it was musical closets, now it’s musical shelves. See, while we had a nice big empty spot for the crib...

... it wasn’t empty before.

The order of operations dictated that those shelves needed a new home before the crib could be built. Since Baby P’s burgeoning library would need a place to live, one of those two shelves simply ended up across the room.

Complete with rocking chair and lamp for midnight book-reading sessions!

The décor on top of the shelves is a bit haphazard, and by haphazard, I mean I took everything that had been on the neighboring dresser and put it here instead. The dresser had to be cleared to eventually make way for a changing station (again with the order of operations!) so for now, it’s function over form. There is his stuffed owl, though, and perhaps it’ll become more personalized to him over time.

And oh yeah, the shelves still needs to be secured to the wall (assuming he is an insane daredevil child like his mom), but I didn’t have the proper tools. In the meantime, check out his little library!

I expect it’ll grow in the future – there’s too many book lovers among our friends and family who will want to share new reading material with him – but it’s a good start, eh? And as a true sign of a mother’s love, I have already shared my beloved Harry Potter hardbacks with him. I mean, that is a big deal. I would not share them with just anyone, kid. And finally, there are a few parenting-types books, down at the bottom. It’s basically a little quiet reading corner for all of us.

So yeah, a nice functional corner of the nursery! Made possible by moving the mirror that previously resided in this spot...

... to our master bedroom. Which makes WAY more sense nowadays, considering that’s where all my clothes are now. Unfortunately, I displaced yet another shelf that had been in the corner of our master bedroom. It doesn’t have a home yet. I may have shoved that shelf in Baby P’s closet, as he’s the only one of the three of us with extra closet space (his clothes are tiny though, which is kind of cheating). That shelf is the one left standing without a chair when the music stops, apparently. But that’s a story for another day.

The other shelf that was displaced by the crib, though, did find a home! It made its way into the office:

Just narrow enough to show off the pretty curtains, just short enough to not block any light. Good enough for repurposing!

Those boxes need to be organized and re-labeled, and I have big plans for those files. For now I’m just happy we got all those math and science textbooks boxed up and stored in the attic! Trust me, there was a lot of heavy lifting behind-the-scenes of these photos.

And hey. Check out those decidedly less pink office walls. Spoiler alert for tomorrow’s post!


Tina said...

A Non-Tip help tip: Insert casters or pieces of 1/2-5/8" board under the front edge of the bookcase to just slightly tip it back towards the wall. (This helps adjust to the shelf's back edge being slightly taller due to the carpet's tack strip under the back edge.) No guarantee against tipping forward anyway but it surely helps stabilize the shelf better at least until the climbing-everything-years ensue. :-)

Sarah said...

@Tina, we did that with shims for the china cabinet in the office! The floor there slopes away from the wall pretty badly, and I was worried the door would open on its own or the whole thing would come crashing down if we just walked past it... We still have the rest of the pack of shims, so I might do that in the meantime!

Richard said...

Love,Love,Love the bookcase