04 September 2014

The state of the belly

I promise, dear readers, that I will not spend every blog post marveling over the BRAND-NEW PERSON growing INSIDE my BODY, no matter how strange and fascinating I find it. At the same time... I gotta talk about it occasionally. I’m sorry! It’s a blog about projects, and I just can’t deny airtime for one of the biggest projects I’ve ever taken on.

And it’s getting bigger, and by bigger, I mean my belly. In the last week or so, I’ve suddenly been rather ashamed when people ask how far along I am, because I feel like I suddenly blew up to a 40-week-sized-balloon. I’m sure it’s all normal, that it’s just my imagination when I see a look of shock and horror flicker across their face as they glance at my midsection and calculate just how many more months I have to go... right?

It is not my imagination, though, how much I’ve grown in the last few weeks. I know this because I forced – forced! – myself to take photos of my belly since eight weeks into this adventure. Not weekly, because I can’t be bothered with that level of documentation. But often enough to see a change. I started taking them every six weeks...

(Can I say how dumb I felt taking that first photo, when I wasn’t showing anything but a bit of bloat? Ahoy, Cap’n Awkward!)

I fit in the same tank for each shot, though I had to switch to maternity pants at 20 weeks.

But by week 24, I realized that shots every six weeks wasn’t going to work anymore... because here’s where my belly was last week:

Whoa! See, this is why I’m not sure that I’m imagining that horror and shock. My doctor states that my weight and measurements are perfect, but geez louise. And I still have a whole trimester to go! Oh dear.

Still, that photo wouldn’t seem so ridiculous if I hadn’t been taking photos along the way. So props to you, eight-weeks-along Cap’n Awkward. Those early pregnancy shots are worth it after all!

With this new schedule of taking a photo every four weeks, I have just four more photos to go until the tiny new roommate makes his appearance. Anyone want to place bets on how much more strain that tank can take before it no longer fits? Or when my belly button will start making its presence known as well?


Rachel said...

Gorgeous as always, ma'am!

Sarah said...

@Rachel, you're too kind! Thanks for making an achy, waddle-y lady smile!

Tina said...

The whole process is so beautiful on top of it happening to beautiful You!

Pooh. You don't know what from waddle yet. Just wait 'til those bones start spreading preparing for birth when it's your largest belly ever and THEN you'll know what for-real waddling is... Ha! <3

Rachel C said...

Having never been pregnant, this might be the wrong thing to say, but I'm pretty impressed by the baby bump explosion between weeks 20 & 24. You went from "oh, maybe I should stop having Chipolte 3 days a week" to clearly pregnant. Congrats again!

Christal said...

you look beautiful!

Sarah said...

Shucks, you guys. I posted these to be like "look at my belly, isn't that crazy" and you guys are paying such kind compliments. *blush* Thank you!

@Rachel C, I KNOW, I'm impressed too! And your comment about Chipotle actually made me laugh out loud. Did you know that real babies take up so much space, you can't have Chipotle food babies anymore?! Not cool, kid.

Janice said...

I absolutely LOVE these photos of the development of Baby P! You look as stunning as ever!! Just when you think you know what to expect, kids change that :) Baby P growing well and beginning to make his presence known to the rest of the world is pretty awesome.

Andrea said...

you look beautiful sarah!