01 October 2014

An artsy anniversary

Now that I’ve painted over all the pinky-beige in our apartment – oh wait, did I mention that I painted almost our entire apartment? Maybe? Sorry, I probably won’t stop talking about it for a while. I’ve basically included it in my list of most notable accomplishments. Earned a Ph.D, published a few important papers, painted our apartment in the latter half of pregnancy.

Anyway, now that I’ve painted, I’m starting to think about what to put on the walls, and where. The mirrors in our bedroom might get relocated elsewhere. The map art has yet to find a truly permanent home. And this art needs a special place of prominence.

What’s this? Oh, just the wedding-inspired art Mr. P secretly commissioned for our anniversary. No really. Try not to be jealous, ladies.

Let me back up. One of the songs played at our wedding, and one that continues to hold meaning for us, is the hymn Servant Song. I first talked about it here and shared some of the lyrics. You can find the rest of the lyrics here and listen to it below. It’s a pretty special song to us.

So for our fourth anniversary back in June, Mr. P contacted a former student of his and asked if she would be willing to create a piece of art inspired by the song. They worked together – completely unbeknownst to me – to make something meaningful, connected to our wedding and reminiscent of the hymn, that would also fit perfectly in our home. For serious, he sent her photos of our living room. This is a man who knows his wife.

The artist then painted this work, wrapped it up for me, and shipped it to us with the nicest card (which was practically a work of art unto itself, with her fancy lettering) wishing us well for our anniversary. Needless to say, I was delighted by the final product as well as hearing about their efforts in its creation. The artist is darling, which makes me even happier to have something she so thoughtfully painted in our home.

One of the things I love about it is the texture. You guys know I love some texture!

And of course, the neutrals and metallics had me instantly.

But the thing I love most about this, of course, was the thoughtfulness of Mr. P in conceiving of the idea, reaching out to his former student, and working with her to create something I’d cherish for the rest of our marriage (i.e. the rest of my life). Sure beats the silk ties I got him for our anniversary, huh?

The only problem? IT’S NOT ON MY WALL. I kept waiting to blog about it until I’d hung it, but geez louise, it’s been months now. Granted, right after our anniversary, we were traveling, then in baby prep mode, and oh yeah I PAINTED OUR APARTMENT. But now that our apartment is coming back together after all the recent upheavals, I’m thisclose to making some holes in the new paint... and I think I’ve finally got just the spot for it (in our living room, obvs). Watch out, walls! I'm coming with my hammer.


Tina said...

Just beautiful.

Janice said...

What a great anniversary story. What a thoughtful and beautiful gift of love. Can't wait to see where you decide to hang it.