09 October 2014

And they lived gray ever after

You’d think that for all my talk of painting over the pinky-beige throughout this apartment, I’d be DONE talking about it now. DONE going onnn and onnnnn about how much I detested the previous color, how challenging it was to maneuver my pregnant self around to paint, how much I adore the new gray walls.

You’d think, but... I just need one more day. Just one! (I think.)

See, the one thing I didn’t do was show you proper after photos. You know, the pin-worthy sort (or at least, as pin-worthy as I ever get). Usually there was still a ladder around or curtains missing or furniture in the middle of the room or wet paint showing. Now that it’s all done, now that it’s all put together... would you like to finally take a tour of our Worldly Gray apartment?!

Let’s start in the foyer.

I purchased that rug, which tends toward the yellowy-beige, hoping that one day I’d paint my walls and it would look as gorgeous with the walls in real life as it seemed it would be in my head. Now that the foyer is cleared out (well, except for that one shelf in the corner that needs a better home), I can finally see that I was right!

All of these photos were taken in the morning, when light pours in all over the east side of the house. It also afforded the chance to show you exactly why I wanted eggshell paint over satin:

The plaster over our DIY landing strip isn’t perfect... just as it isn’t perfect throughout our apartment. It’s still noticeable when the light is so bright and oblique like this, but the rest of the time, the finish is fantastic.

On to the living room!

I was pleased to see the tan couch didn’t turn too yellowy-brown with the gray paint, nor did the gray paint look too stark against a warmer-toned couch. They blend! Hooray!

You guys, Worldly Gray really is a perfect neutral in our place. It’s light enough to let dark tones boldly stand out, but white still pops against it too.

It’s also a pretty consistent warm gray – it never really turns too red or green or blue. That’s important in a place with as many angled walls as we have, since grays can sometimes look different at different angles.

Let’s head to the office next...

The office is still dark relative to the other rooms, but there’s not much I can do about that... except, I suppose, be glad that it’s no longer a cave of fleshy-toned walls bearing down on us. At least I can see a direction for this room a little better now! The swing will get relocated once the Baby P is here to use it, and then I can turn my attention to the rest of the room... because a gray rug and gray desk with the gray walls is a bit much, even for me.

On the other hand, this part of the room looks so much nicer now!

Before, the curvy white and gold cabinet had a sort of “precious” feel surrounded by the pink walls. I think against the gray, it looks so much more modern and intentional – so much more my style!

Then there’s the guest room...

This room was halfway put together when I showed it to you before, and I haven’t done much since that you haven’t seen.

Still gray, still fab.

And finally, the master bedroom – the single room I didn’t paint Worldly Gray.

If you’ll remember, I went one shade darker in this room, to Amazing Gray. Honestly, it doesn’t look that different from Worldly Gray – in real life, it doesn’t immediately strike you as a deeper, cozier shade. That’s a bit surprising, considering this room is already a bit dimmer with its northern exposure.

The biggest difference is, I think, in the undertones. While Worldly Gray is pretty solidly griege in every light you throw at it, Amazing Gray is a chameleon. In the photo above, the undertones are a bit greenish, but below, they’re more red.

You can even see the difference by looking at the paint in the mirror versus the paint around the mirror!

It sounds ridiculous, but one of the things I was looking forward to with painting was not having to edit my photos as much. The pink walls were out of CONTROL – almost every photo you saw, I’d tried to tone down the red and orange. Then, on top of that, I had to try to fix the way the pink messed with my white balance and made the color profile of whatever I was trying to show all wonky. With Worldly Gray, that is OVER. No extra white-balancing or color correction! But if I’d done Amazing Gray everywhere, I’d still be fighting all those different undertones to some degree (though certainly not as bad as before, but more than Worldly Gray). I can’t say if it’d do the same thing in your space, but it’s interesting to see it happening here!

That said, it’s still a lovely gray, when it’s just gray!

(Yes, I have a bit of a mirror abundance situation going on in this room nowadays... it’s on my to-do list, promise.)

And with that, you’ve finally seen proper after photos of all the painting work I put into this place! Hopefully now you can appreciate the change as much as I do – I’m honestly grateful every day that I put in the time and effort. And maybe now, I’ll finally stop talking about it. Maybe. But if I don’t... maybe you can see why I’m still excited about it!


Janice said...

You have every right to be proud of the work that has been done both in changing wall colors and in decor. Your home looks fantastic!

Miranda said...

So beautiful! Want to come help me find the perfect gray? :)