28 October 2014

Another vicarious Halloween

It’s almost Halloween time, dear readers! Are you as excited as I am? That’s easy. You’re probably more excited than me. Once again, a reminder: the only holiday for which I expend any extra DIY/decorating effort is Christmas.

But! Just because I don’t dig Halloween decorations out of the attic or think of a costume more than 48 hours in advance (if at all) doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate those who do. And this year I’ve found that others have really put me in the Halloween spirit, such that my walk home the other night felt straight out of a Hitchcock movie (that I immediately instagrammed, because it is 2014, not 1964).

Otherwise, I have little I can personally offer on a Halloween theme. So here, have a looksee at what others are doing!

If you’re wanting those aforementioned DIY and décor tips, here ya go:

If you’re less into the pretty stuff and more interested in the fright night part of Halloween, we’ve got:

Costume ideas abound, as well! Hurry up, the thrift shops are gonna be picked over once you get an idea:

Hopefully you’re in the Halloween spirit (oooooooh spirit) as well now, dear readers! And you’ve got a few days to spare if you’d like to prepare. Just remember: don’t buy your candy too early.