14 October 2014

Baby's first party

Yes, yes, I know: there’s just not much DIY or decorating around here nowadays. I’m frantically finishing work projects before the baby decrees I take leave, and my remaining free time is all phone calls and classes and doctors appointments and sleeping. Oh, and traveling, trying to fit in family time before I’m too far along to travel.

But! I am happy to report that today, I have a whole post FULL of fabulous DIY projects! It’s just... they are still all baby-related... and I did none of them. Partial credit?

Nah, I can’t take any credit. My fantastic sisters-in-law get all the praise for this fabulous party they hosted last weekend:

A baby shower, you guys! With all of our family! For us and the littlest member of Team P! And it was so wonderful that I just have to tell you about it today.

So yes, there was in fact a diaper cake. Also a diaper WREATH, just in case the guests weren’t sure if they had the right house.

(Baby bump alert in the reflection, there.)

My lovely shower hostesses, knowing my love of metallics and general disdain for anything too precious or pastel, instead chose decorations with a gold and stars theme. But it wasn’t just the décor like this handmade garland:

It was also the “guestbook” (with a frame for us!):

A place for guests to write wishes for Baby P (wish upon a star? get it?!):

And the adorable advice cards, which I forgot to photograph (whoops!).

But the DIY project that actually made me tear up a bit were these hand-crocheted star Christmas ornaments that served as party favors. The accompanying sign told the guests, “Please take home an ornament to hang on your Christmas tree to honor this special holiday baby.”

Special holiday baby ahhh! Why are my eyes leaking?! Oh dear.

Whew. Let’s move on to some fun games. Rather than force everyone to sit down and play the games all at once, my sister-in-law had the idea to have games out for guests to play as they please with each other. I thought this was super clever – it meant guests could freely discuss what exactly a baby eagle is called, or whether Tina Fey’s daughter is Alice or Clementine, or who looks like which baby photo, whenever they felt like chatting about it. Most guests were family, but it was still great for people who didn’t know each other super well to interact!

It was also a chance for me to demonstrate just how much Suri’s Burn Book I read, as I did frighteningly well on the celebrity baby name quiz.

Oh yeah, and don’t miss the fresh flowers, the glittery candles, and the star confetti. So much attention to detail!

And we haven’t even gotten to the food. The food!

That’s not all of the food, either! Basically I just ate nonstop for three hours. I mean, could you turn down homemade star-shaped marshmallow pops with gold sprinkles? No you could not.

And our drinks? Served in mason jars with gold stripey straws, of course.

The punch had starfruit slices, too, but I missed taking a photo of that! Again, SO much attention to detail.

Still, while all the amazing décor and DIY was fabulous and very much appreciated, my favorite part of the shower was getting to see all our family and friends. Like the incredible hostesses themselves!

I married into a talented and beautiful family, no?

But we were also fortunate to celebrate with some of my family too! My stepsister was able to make the drive up, and she brought my mom, who made the trek north to celebrate her newest grandchild as well:

And I even got to see my friends who now live in Minnesota! That little cutie was last seen on the blog when I attended her baby shower. Aww!

In all, it was an amazing afternoon spent with some of my favorite (and hardest-working!) people. Mr. P and I were absolutely overwhelmed by the love and generosity of our friends and family, who made the effort to throw an amazing party, to travel to Wisconsin for it, or even those who were there in spirit due to travel distance.


And that’s not even considering all the thoughtful presents.

After we got home and unloaded the car, I stood in the nursery staring at this massive pile of gifts and thinking about the memorable weekend we’d just had. As I stood there, Mr. P came in the room behind me. “Look at this,” I said. “Look just how fortunate this baby is to have these people love him so much.”

“Not just him,” said Mr. P. “We’re lucky too.”

Indeed we are!


Janice said...

It was such a fun afternoon for so many reasons. I was excited to have been able to be a part of the love, joy, and happiness of the day.