07 October 2014

Celebrating in Tennessee

With the tiniest member of Team P set to make his appearance sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Mr. P and I decided that, for the first time basically ever, we are going to spend those holidays right here at home. We live a mile away from the hospital where Baby P will be delivered, and thus our home seems like the best place me to be once I reach full-term – in contrast to traveling all over of the country, as is our usual holiday tradition.

But... though that decision was obvious, it was also a little bittersweet. I live far enough away from my extended family that I really only see them once or twice a year, and not traveling for Christmas would mean missing them entirely. Unless, that is, Mr. P and I took advantage of another celebration to see family – specifically, my cousin’s surprise fortieth birthday party!

So that’s where I was over the weekend. It was a long drive, but we knew my cousin’s cooking would be at the end of it. Everyone should be so lucky to have a professional caterer in their family.

The party was held in my cousin’s event space outside of Memphis. It’s a converted historic church on a town square, hence the stained glass windows. (And pro tip, she’s reopening her cupcake shop there for one week only for Halloween. Stop by if you’re in the area!)

The birthday boy’s sister, along with a few other partners in crime, decked out the place with photos of the guest of honor. Mr. P was kind enough to strike a pose in front of some of them for me!

She also raided his collection of vintage movie memorabilia to use as party décor, with a few additions specific to the 40-and-fabulous theme.

And what’s that behind the clapboard? Only one of my cousin’s fantastic cakes. YUM.

I didn’t do a great job of taking photos of the rest of the décor (so many vintage movie posters!) or of my family (including an extra visit to my wonderful grandma). But suffice to say, the party was a hit and I loved having the chance to see my family! Even though our weekends are so few nowadays – I have more fingers than weekends before baby! ahhh! – it was totally worth it to put off a project or two for a weekend in Tennessee.

And speaking of the baby (again, I know), I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the sweet gifts he received from aunts and uncles on this trip. Long-sleeved onesies, washcloths, diapers, and the cutest fuzzy hat, mittens, and booties you ever did see.

He’s going to be one stylish winter baby!

But he’d have to be to keep up with his mom. My parents got me my dream diaper bag, you guys! The nicest bag I have ever owned (and maybe the nicest I will ever own)! It wasn’t the holidays quite yet, but Christmas came early this year.

I honestly searched high and low for a less expensive bag that met my dream diaper bag wish-list: cross-body strap, ability to use long-term as a purse or laptop bag, removable insert to hold all the baby stuff, and not ugly. But a Lily Jade bag was the only one that checked off every item, and my parents were insanely generous to splurge on one for me. Squeeee!

Oh, and I should mention that my mom gave me my beautiful new bag while she was in the process of steaming the wrinkles out of my dress for the party. I mean, seriously. Between the delicious food, good conversation, and incredible generosity, I’m so glad that I got to spend this weekend with my lovely family... even if it’s a big reminder of what I’ll be missing out on this holiday season!


Miles said...

I'll bet you see your fam a lot more often after the babe arrives! I imagine your mom is over the moon excited! And, holy cow.. That's an amazing bag!