22 October 2014

FLYT file organization

With my limited time nowadays (and a literal internal deadline to work with), I try really really hard not to just invent projects because they are pretty or keep me busy. Form over function? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So the fabric-covered files I showed you yesterday were made for a specific reason. And that reason was THIS:

That’s the pile of random paperwork I was waking up to every day. Some of it is paperwork from the sale of our house, which I spent years ignoring instead of properly filing. I’d inexplicably kept it on my nightstand, and then in the RAST dresser, and then in this pile here. Cue major eyeroll-plus-headshake-disappointed-face.

The rest had to do with this:

Because once upon a time, I thought all the paperwork pertaining to our newest family member could fit in a single manila file folder. Haha! Aww, first-trimester Sarah was so cute. The folder was immediately rendered insufficient when I returned from our very first doctor’s appointment with not just a whole other folder but a bag that contained said folder plus a ton of other paper.

Now, normally I’m a fan of digitizing paperwork and bookkeeping as much as possible, keeping only the most important paper documents in our safe, and shredding the rest. But for whatever reason, realtors and doctors like paper. And because I’ve referred back to the handouts from the doctor and hospital at least weekly, it’s clear I need to hang on to this stuff for a while longer. Just... not in a messy pile, two feet from where I sleep every night.

Seems like a good use for those files, eh?!

First things first. I sorted the paperwork pile into main categories, to get a sense of what I was working with. This also gave me the chance to trash some of it that wasn’t needed... and locate things like my insurance card. (So THAT’S where it was! No more side-eye from the receptionists trying to scan a crumpled paper printout of my card!)

Then I made some labels for those piles. I used Illustrator because it’s easiest and fastest for me to use, but you could easily do this in Powerpoint or even Word.

I left a few blank ones because I wasn’t sure what I’d use them for just yet. In theory I could hand-write the label on there... but let’s be real, if the time comes to assign a label, I’ll probably just print out a new one. Still! For the sake of similarity and apparent function, there’s blank ones!

I cut them out and mini-hole-punched them:

And then I took a tip from the tutorial I posted yesterday for how to attach the labels to the files: tie a ribbon on it!

I just used basic white grosgrain ribbon with the label strung on it. At first I thought I’d tie a bow in the front with the label next to it, but it felt a little busy when I tried it. So, the bow’s in the back.

Then I just kept going for all six files!

LOVE them. Love!! There’s something about a pretty organizational system that just makes it so much more fun to use. Why let paper clutter up my life when I could so easily file it away in one of these beauties?

No more monochromatic corner! Of course, I still need to dig in to those white boxes above and purge, re-organize, and finish my incredibly long-standing yet incomplete photo album project. But for now, can we just appreciate how pretty and functional those files are?

Oh, and can we appreciate this as well:

I promise you, my days are already going better now that I’m not waking up to a jumbled pile of paperwork every single morning. Maybe I’ll get this house into shape before reaching my internal deadline after all!


Janice said...

You have GOT to install a "like" button on your blog. ha ha I read your posts and often times think, 'Wow, I really like that idea, comment, picture, or posting." :)