15 October 2014

For the baby who has it all (including very practical parents)

After yesterday’s post about the incredible baby shower that Mr. P’s sisters threw for us, you might be wondering... how could people who have been given all of THIS:

... also need a shower with THIS?

You’d be absolutely right. We needed very little – and when I say “need”, even that is “would really enjoy having”. But precisely because we did have most of the essentials, I wanted to make sure we didn’t register for extraneous, limited-use baby stuff. You know... the wipe-warmers, the bottle brushes, the special laundry detergents, the elaborate matched bedding sets. The sort of stuff you might register for because, might as well, look at what we’ve got so far!

I wanted none of that. So. What do exceedingly practical new parents – who already have what they need – ask for?

Well. For starters, I already showed you my Lily Jade bag. Purse/laptop bag today, diaper bag tomorrow!

And then purse/laptop bag again, someday. But the part I didn’t show you was this removable insert:

Do you realize what that is? It’s basically a diaper bag insert for any bag. While I want to use this particular purse for the foreseeable future, that insert could be filled with Baby P’s things and then be tossed into whatever bag we need – say, a beach bag, or Mr. P’s backpack. Love it!

(PS, before I go any further, I should say that per usual, there’s no affiliate links or partnerships or sponsorships or blah-di-blah money-making going on here. I’mma just telling you what I found and liked!)

Then there’s furniture. For years, I’ve said I wanted to use the white metal dresser and bureau in the guest room as nursery furniture. It’s why I’ve kept it around so long!

But... what about a changing table? Don’t need one. Instead we’ll use this changing pad (that you’d have to buy for a changing table anyway) on top of the dresser:

I picked that one in particular because it was well-suited to the dimensions of our dresser. Fortunately our cousins gave us this pad plus a cover, so we’ll have a swanky diapering spot for Baby P. And with that, plus his crib, we’ve got what we need furniture-wise!

(As an aside, we could have gone even more minimalist, as the pack n’ play we inherited has a changing table built in. But the pack n’ play is going in our room, and we don’t have a good place to store diapers and all the associated diaper-changing accouterments there. I figure it’s better to keep all the diaper whatnots in one place, within the dresser with the changing pad!)

Then there’s the baby monitor. We’d like a video monitor instead of just audio, but those can be quite pricey for what they are due to the maternity markup (which I’ve found is not unlike the wedding markup). Rather than get one of those monitors – which often has just one receiver – we opted for just a basic wi-fi security camera, as suggested by our family.

It’s not necessarily cheaper, but it is more multi-purpose. With this camera, we can just use our phones or iPad to check in on him from wherever we are, be it the kitchen, the bedroom, or the restaurant where we’ll presumably have a date night when we actually find a babysitter. And once he’s bigger, well, we have a basic security camera! Of course, I have no idea if we’ll ever need a security camera, but it makes more sense to have than a baby monitor, at least.

Another pricey item we wanted was a second carseat. We already inherited an infant carseat from Mr. P’s family, but we would really appreciate having a second carseat for our other car (they only had one car, ergo, one carseat). Fortunately, they tipped me off to a new sort of carseat they didn’t have before: the convertible carseat.

Rear-facing for infant, forward-facing for toddler. A carseat that should be suitable for the long haul! And since Baby P’s grandparents gave it to us, we should be able to make that long haul to visit them, right?!

Finally, there’s one other thing I thought we’d really benefit from with a new member of our household: STORAGE. You guys know I love storage! And having baskets to easily gather up toys, books, and clothes – you know, all those things we already had, or were getting anyway – seemed like a wise thing to specifically request. Target had several options (at several price points) that could work well for us.

Fortunately we received several baskets (filled with other goodies, because family be generous) at the shower. See them (or very similar ones) above? This kid’s gonna learn organization from an early age! Welcome to the family, Baby P.

Of course, it goes without saying that Mr. P and I are fairly clueless new parents who, you know, don’t actually have a baby yet and therefore can’t vouch for the usefulness of these things. But considering the research and consideration I put into our registry, I’m sure we’ll get lots of mileage out of these super-practical items... in addition to all the presents that were more thoughtful, personal, and fun! Because goodness knows we don’t need to tell anyone that our baby would be adorable in an owl hat or monkey playsuit or tiny flannel shirt and jeans. They already know that!


KSP said...

I love the Lilly Jade bag! I may have to splurge myself!