17 October 2014

Photo Friday #173: pregnant lady perks

I’m officially at the most obvious stage of pregnancy where random strangers strike up conversations about my unborn child. Which... seems weird, right? They don’t know me. Why are they suddenly interested in what I’m having and when he is due and whether he is our first? I mean, I understand they are being nice, but why do they care enough to ask? That is a lot of personal information about someone you’ve never seen before.

Oh well. I’m learning not to be weirded out. Especially because having that conversation with a Trader Joe’s cashier gets me flowers.

I’m not sure if every pregnant lady gets flowers, or only those tired-looking ones stopping in alone late on a Thursday night for cereal and avocados. But hey, I’ll gladly tell you “a boy, mid-December, our first” for free daisies.


Janice said...

I think many people ask just as a polite conversation starter. You know sort of a "Beautiful fall we're having isn't it?" There ya are in line some place just killing time. People often talk about things they aren't going to remember in the next 5 min. Pregnancy is cool. A whole new little person growing strong. Makes many people curious enough to ask. :) Nice to be noticed for something as awesome as being preg. rather than being noticed cause you have food stuck in your teeth :)lol

Tina said...

You are obviously running into people who are more like me than you! ;-)
Pregnancy and the result is awesome-er than most everything else...