10 November 2014

Nine hundred sixteen

Back in the earlier days of this blog, I used to mark every hundred posts on Photo Friday. See here, here, here, here, and here. I stopped doing that when I got to five hundred, though, because those posts were coming every few months, owing to the every-weekday posting schedule. I mean, I like marking a milestone as much as the next blogger, but it was becoming a bit obnoxious to constantly marvel at my own tenacity and your inexplicable willingness to continue reading here.

The thing is, though, when I look back on that hundredth post – the first one, in which I said I was the most surprised of anyone – I still feel exactly the same way. Because here I am coming up on a thousand posts, and when I look back, I am stunned that I’ve had so much to do and say. That makes it all the more miraculous that you’ve stuck with me, too. And it’s even crazier when I consider that I managed to keep a daily posting schedule throughout so many time-consuming projects outside the blog – writing and defending my dissertation, selling our Nashville house, moving to St. Louis, not to mention traveling all over the dang place (but wait, there’s more). I was here for all of that, every day, and many of you were too.

Those major projects continue today, even though I keep mum about most of the work-related ones. That said, I did tell you when I got my fellowship score (which led to a notice of award) almost a year ago:

And just yesterday, I got this email notifying of co-authors’ manuscript getting accepted for publication, after over six months of revisions:

I have another (first-author) manuscript to submit this week, too, which has occupied most of my waking hours for a few months now. If all goes according to plan, it might make my next job search immensely easier. NO PRESH.

I don’t elaborate on all the behind-the-scenes work that went into each of those triumphs, because this isn’t blog about my day job. But of course, those worky projects are becoming all the more challenging with this other major project currently growing inside me. He’s not even here yet, but the preparation is so time-consuming! And yet, so not blog-worthy! Carseat inspections, infant care class, endless doctors appointments. Even the fun stuff has hours of work associated with it that’s boring to write about. Do you really want to hear about the couple dozen thank-you notes from our darling baby shower that I finally, FINALLY tackled this weekend, a month late?

I figured as much. They were just fine to write (a thoughtful present deserves at least a thoughtful note), just not really worth talking about here.

And so. Here we are, a month out from my due date, and the prediction I made a few months ago is coming true: it’s officially time to institute a reduced posting schedule. Starting this week, I’m cutting out Tuesday and Thursday posts, and settling into a three-posts-a-week schedule.

I know. I’m not that happy about it, to be honest. See, I kept setting mental deadlines – “I’ll cut back when I hit the third trimester!” “I’ll do three days a week starting in November!” – but I just kept putting it off, because blogging daily is what I do. Plus it would’ve been fun to make it to a full thousand weekday posts before having to write this one. But... it’s time. It is. Practically doctor’s orders.

As reluctant as I am to cut back, I think it’s necessary to preserve the blog, at least the parts I like about it. Lately, I’ve gotten my priorities out of whack just to keep posting here daily, and I’m not even accomplishing the bigger blog projects in the interest of daily content (how many years now has this blog existed without a redesign?!). And this is just during pregnancy. I’m terrified of getting so overwhelmed once the baby arrives that I start just oversharing photos of him and rambling about how sleep-deprived I am. Or worse, reducing quality time with him solely in the interest of getting a non-baby-related post for the next day. Or worst of all... just quitting. Just throwing in the towel on this blog and disappearing completely without explanation.

Instead, here’s what I’d like to do. I’ll be here three days a week, I promise. I’ll still have Eats posts mixed in there, though not necessarily every week. I’ll keep the Photo Friday tradition to share our personal goings-on. And I’ll try to provide content that meets my current standards – if not higher – and makes you want to continue to drop by every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

It... will be a little weird, at first. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed you’ll hang around anyway! And I will too, hopefully for at least another nine hundred sixteen posts.

So. See you Wednesday, dear readers! And seriously... thank you.


Rachel C said...

Good for you. I know this post must have been hard to write and even harder to accept, but as a long time reader, I appreciate that you care enough about the blog and your readers to make this (necessary) change now instead of avoiding the issue and just stopping. I'll certainly miss starting my morning off with your ramblings, but I would rather have 3 posts a week than nothing. I look forward to hearing about your upcoming projects (big and small) and about your musings as a new mother.

Janice said...

Kudos to you. Keeping a blog is not an easy thing to do. Doing it DAILY borders on the impossible. Doing it as long as you have, borders on the insanely productive side of life! ha ha We, your dedicated readers, are happy you have chosen to step back a few paces and will not leave us dangling wondering if you have fallen down the hole of motherhood and work :) We look forward to any post you create and on any topic you choose. We'll be there for you.

Stacy said...

I'm around for the long haul! I hope you keep your ' my fav things' posts :-)