14 November 2014

Photo Friday #177: good morning, sunshine

Our first fall here, I marveled over how long the season seemed to last – a lovely change from Tennessee, where the leaves go from green to the ground in under two weeks. Last year, I looked forward to fall (for perhaps the first time ever) and enjoyed every last bit of those changing leaves. But this year? No time! No time!

Ok, fine. Maybe a little bit of time.


Janice said...

Fall is beautiful because every deciduous tree offers a variety of colors for the eye to enjoy. Soak in the beauty because the cold, barren days of winter (with it's own brand of beauty) arrives all too quickly! Says the woman sitting in 24 degrees this morning...

Tina said...

Well said, Janice! And this is from the woman who thought she lived a good distance south from you... And yet my indoor/outdoor temp says it's only 23 here this morning!
I'm also thinking, "no time" as another countdown has begun this morning that should lead us all into meeting a somewhere around 98.6 degreed little fella in about 30 days or less... Blink and he'll be here! (Not exactly ;-))