21 November 2014

Photo Friday #178: too soon

Yes yes, I know. The poor people of Buffalo have it a gazillion times worse (or, to be very precise, twenty-four times worse than our three inches). But when you are nine months pregnant waddling along on un-shoveled sidewalks or scraping your car to go to a doctor’s appointment, it doesn’t seem out of place to be peeved.

By the by, my labmate was arranging an ice-skating get-together and invited me along. I immediately declined. She seemed puzzled for a minute before exclaiming, ”Ohhhhh!”

Also, my doctor was absolutely not amused by that story.


Janice said...

Sometimes doctors lose their sense of humor. Other times it appears at the most inopportune times! Glad you didn't create your own ice skating experience while walking to work on slippery sidewalks though.