06 November 2014

The perfect nursery for Baby P

As you’ve probably already guessed, getting ready for the baby is occupying all my available brain space right now (and there’s precious little available – work stuff, y’all! I’ll fill you in at some point, promise!). Fortunately, we feel about as prepared as we can medical-wise, and at this point, our nursery is certainly functional. The drawers are stuffed full of diapers and sleepers, and we have a mattress AND changing pad (and therefore all the furniture we need). I even sent Mr. P this excited photo over the weekend because do you know how difficult it is to find storage boxes that match crib dimensions?!

But. Ask me a for-real design decision – what art to hang there, what color should this be – and I’m likely to flop over and whine about how everything in liiiiife is so haaaaaard. And then, like, go eat some cake and change the subject when I come back. Seriously, I feel like I cannot make a single decision for which there isn’t an obvious correct answer (like earlier this week: “is there potential for baby to eat a thumbtack Y/N”).

I alluded to this yesterday when I talked about making the mobile, but it goes soooo faaaar beyond just that project. Part of this indecision, I suppose, is due to limitations of the dual-purpose space. Then there’s information overload: there’s eighteen bazillion nurseries on Pinterest, very few of which I love, many of which feel not-quite-right, and all of which fill me with a sense of sigh this is so much work.

Ugh. I think I might need to go eat some cake.

And so, much like how I chose my wedding dress, I’m trying the process-of-elimination for this decorating process, and seeing what’s left.

So let’s see. I know I don’t want a theme, as cute as they may be. Though I admit, I seriously entertained a travel theme like the nursery below. It makes sense: I want this kid to go places, and we already have travel-themed prints on the wall.

But we also clearly have a thing for owls around here (go Rice!), or I could turn his large book collection into a library theme to rival Brooklyn Limestone’s nursery, or I could just repurpose our gold-and-stars shower into a nursery theme.

There you can see the problem – there are too many things we’d like! So instead, his nursery will just be themed “stuff we love, including him”. Good enough.

As for nursery colors... well, you know how I feel about color. My mom told me, shortly after we announced our pregnancy, that my family wanted to know our nursery colors. “I told them... gray?” she said. “Do you... do you like anything besides gray?”

Hmmm. I guess bluish-gray is nice. So is cream. Does “natural wood” count as a color?

That last photo reminds me about all my feeeelings about art for the walls. I’m trying to avoid two things I see all the time in nurseries nowadays: gallery walls, and decorating with his name or initials. I’d like to skip a gallery wall because the room already feels so busy, and adding a bunch more frames would just make that worse. And I don’t want to decorate with his name because... well, I’m just kinda tired of that.

So for a while, I was on the hunt for something I liked enough to have as a big piece of simple, clean statement art, like in these nurseries.

But I haven’t found anything I liked enough. So now I’m thinking I’ll go the sentimental route like the last neutral nursery up there: baby clothes. I just need my mom to locate my baby dress (cream with a bit of blue, natch) and I’ll be good to go.

And of course, there’s the incorporation of the guest room into his space. Since I’ve already eliminated ton of nursery inspiration images with my above criteria (no themes, no bright colors, no clutter), it’s hard to find a combination nursery-guest room that I like. But this one comes pretty dang close:

Neutral, clean lines, and perfect incorporation of two spaces into one. I’d be happy in that room as a baby or a grownup! Something to keep in mind for our guests – I’d really like to do all that I can to keep our guest room/nursery grownup-friendly. Which really just means... don’t add a bunch of unnecessary baby décor. Huh.

So basically, after all this fretting about how hard it is to decorate a nursery, I’m coming to terms with the fact that the nursery I’d truly like most is the one that is easy. And by that, I think I just want Baby P’s room to reflect the rest of his home: neutral colors, curated things we love, not too much filler. If he gets a room like that, well... he’ll know he’s home.


Janice said...

The beauty of decorating is that you don't have to give it a life sentence. At any point if (and they most likely will) tastes change and the kiddo grows older, you can redecorate to match the trends at that time. For now, go with what you like. You'll never go wrong with your favorite things :) I think you'll nail this without much thought at all. :)

Miles said...

The baby wont care whats on his walls. Save that for his teenage years.

Sarah said...

@Miles, oh, but that is the problem. I know this window of opinion-less baby is short, so right now, I want to like his room! :)

Tina said...

What about Van Gogh's The Starry Night?

Rachel C said...

I love your nursery/guest room, and I think you are doing a great job of mixing child and adult. I appreciate that you are making the room fit you and your style and needs instead of falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole.