03 December 2014

Baby P's nursery tour

It’s December, which means it’s officially Baby P’s birth month, you guys! Being due right in the middle of the month practically guarantees we’ll have a December baby, so it’s exciting that the month is finally here... even if I haven’t reached that “so done with pregnancy ugh” point quite yet. (Sure, it is super annoying how his feet are jabbed up in my ribs, but that seems easier to deal with than sleep-deprived middle-of-the-night diaper changes, yes? I thought so.)

Over the weekend, I finished all but the very last project for his room, so the nursery as it is today is basically the nursery he’ll come home to! After spending forever deliberating over nursery décor, the final product is perhaps not that interesting to regular readers – I didn’t change that much, and you’ve seen the few things I added. But for posterity’s sake – and for any other neutral-lovers wondering how the heck to incorporate a nursery into an existing guest room – I wanted to put all the photos and sources in one place! (Reminder: I never use affiliate links. Just providing you with the info!)

As I’ve discussed at length, our apartment layout meant that we needed to combine the guest room and nursery into a single room. That meant the guest bed stayed put, and I decorated the rest of the nursery around it.

(Perpetually wrinkled duvet, pillow covers, and wall lights all from IKEA; upholstered headboard first made here and re-covered with Dwell Studio knockoff tablecloth from Homegoods; canvas art DIY’d here; quilt made by my grandma)

(Tulip table is vintage; mercury glass owl from West Elm a few years ago; alarm clock from Target also a while back; curtains from IKEA with blackout liners added here)

While at first I was annoyed to have to make this room dual-function, I’ve since realized... it’s very possible that Mr. P and I will spend more time in here when the baby is in here, which means it might be pretty awesome to have a nice, cushy bed for us to all chill out on together.

Since I already like the way I’d decorated the guest bed and didn’t really want to change it, I did my best to make the crib area similar without being matchy-matchy. So, I stuck with soft neutrals and blues, with lots of texture-mixing because goodness knows mama likes texture.

(Wooden chest received as a gift many years ago, faux sheepskin and crib from IKEA, crib assembled here; blanket from Amazon; crib skirt DIY’d here and attached here)

The one project I haven’t done will go on the wall over the crib (if I’m lucky, I’ll get around to it before he’s here – we shall see). For now, though, the mobile will do!

(Mobile DIY’d here; boppy was a hand-me-down and owl blanket was a gift that have both been relocated to the packed hospital bag!)

As for the other side of the room:

Most of it looks similar to its days solely as a guest room, but if you could see how that dresser is full of baby gear instead of my clothes, you could appreciate just how far this room has come! Plus, there’s a few added pieces for functionality, like the table adjacent to the rocking chair, so we have a place to set our drink or phone while rocking him to sleep. But besides practicality, I also made the décor a bit more baby-appropriate as well.

(Metal dresser is vintage; city prints hung here and here with gold corners DIY’d here; “What I love most about my home” art DIY’d here; tulip lamp is vintage with Target shade added a few years ago; baby blocks and handmade giraffe were shower gifts)

Sure, I could’ve replaced the art... but as I’ve said before, I want this kid to go places, and it’s appropriate for our traveling guests too! So it stays put. However, the ancient (and ultimately non-functional) television got moved out in favor of some sentimental items.

Baby P’s bookshelf got decluttered a bit, again in favor of favorite or functional items:

(Lamp from Target and candlestick from Hobby Lobby a few years ago; Jellycat owl was sent from Baby P’s cousin as his first ever gift; itzbeen timer was hand-me-down)

The visual decluttering on top was necessary, though, as his book collection has grown quite a bit since I first showed it to you!

(Rocking chair is vintage hand-me-down from my grandparents; cloth napkin pillow cover DIY’d here; basic bookshelf from Target; owl planter is vintage; books were gifts, already owned, or hand-me-downs)

Immediately next to his bookshelf is his “changing table”, which as I’ve already mentioned, is just a changing pad on top of a dresser. Though I confess, I have yet to figure out how to actually attach the pad. There are straps that are to be screwed into the back of a wooden dresser, and as ours is metal, I’ll have to secure it a different way (I’m thinking a combination of threading through existing holes and duct tape should do it?). Still! Already owned and just as functional as a specially-bought changing table.

(Metal dresser is vintage; changing pad and cover from Amazon; waterproof liner from Target; faux capiz chandy DIY’d here; curtains from IKEA with blackout liners added here)

I didn’t splurge on a real changing caddy just yet – for now, we just have diapers in the drawer, extra rags stacked on top, and wipes in a basket we already had on hand (if you must know, it’s the wedding goodie basket from Mr. P’s sister). I’ve got my eye on this caddy, but it just doesn’t seem absolutely necessary, so I’m holding off until I see if we would need it.

And finally, a bit of baby décor in the last corner of his room:

(Waterfall desk is vintage, lamp from Homegoods)

You might recognize the framed stars as the “guestbook” from Baby P’s shower thrown by his aunts and attended by so many of his family. I wanted to hang it here with perhaps some flanking smaller frames, but once it was up, I preferred to keep it simple. There’s a lot going on in this room already! Instead I just stuck some faux flowers nearby. People have mixed feelings about faux flowers, but these have meaning – the hydrangea was purchased by my mom as “inspiration” when I was planning our wedding and deciding on flowers, and the other was the topper for Baby P’s diaper cake from the same shower. I have no illusions that either of these look real, but they make me smile for what they represent!

So that’s it, dear readers! Baby P’s simple, sweet nursery, all shared with our guest room!

And it's even more impressive when you see what the room looked like two years ago. Wow! (Did you catch how I mentioned wanting to use the vintage metal dressers for a future Baby P? Wish fulfilled!)

I’m so glad I came to terms with what I wanted for his nursery and our needs. I really do love this room, and how easy it was to do – because contrary to what Pinterest might brainwash you into believing, the amount of effort you spend working on a nursery is in no way proportional to how much you love your kid. This bright, neutral room is just the right room for him!... at least, until he enters a serious [insert favorite childhood character here] phase and I get less say in the décor. I’ll enjoy it for now!


Janice said...

It looks fantastic. Just missing one 6-7 lb item... BABY P! :) Can NOT wait for his arrival. It's sweet of him to share his room with any guests who come to visit. Very thoughtful of him, just like his parents. Best Wishes!

Mary Beth said...

Looks wonderful! I'm obsessed with that mobile. Sarah - I'm dying to know the baby's name! :) :) Hope these last couple of weeks are pleasant and relaxing! Can't wait to see this precious baby.