17 December 2014

Merry and bright

A quick preface/update: Mr. P and I welcomed Baby P to the team on Sunday, right on his due date! We’re now home and figuring out how to get along as a family of three. For today and several days next week, I have pre-scheduled posts, but I promise to provide Baby P details when I can!

I have a confession: my Christmas tree has been up since mid-November. Yes, I was one of those people who put up our tree before Thanksgiving. But if I ever had a good reason, I had one this year! For one, I was still thirty-six weeks pregnant when I set it up... standing on a chair to attach the star and all. But also, we needed the tree at least partially decorated for our Christmas card this year!

I’ll show you the real thing next week, but I think that captures the spirit pretty well.

Anyway! Because I set it up so dang early, I eschewed my usual tradition of watching Love Actually while setting it up. Well... honestly, the tradition is setting up the tree while watching Love Actually and drinking several glasses of wine. And since the latter had to go, so did the former.

Still, some things never change! Like how I totally bungled the light situation this year.

Do you see it? How about if you squint?

Our tree is already pre-lit, but with “only” five hundred lights, which translates into “why even bother” in my twinkle-light-loving language. In years past, I failed to evenly space the lights, so that the bottom was extra-bright. This year I paid extra attention to avoid that... and ended up with the dense clump in the middle. I will never not mess up the light spacing. Tradition!

I also get frustrated with the strands of gold beads every. dang. year. I wish I had some magical tricks to tell you how to string beads onto your tree with zero frustration. I wish I could because then I would know. Oh well.

Also not changing: the decorations. I’m reusing last years. I thought about mixing it up, but we’re greeting a baby boy days before Christmas – seems appropriate to keep the blue, right?

As always, I decorate with the ornaments with the twinkle lights off. It sounds like a joking exaggeration that I have so many lights that I’m blinded and hang the ornaments all wonky... except it’s the truth.

In any case! After a few evenings of decorating here and there, I got our blue-and-gold tree up, ready for the homecoming of the newest member of Team P!

Another thing that will greet Baby P: his very own stocking.

Way back when, I bought my own gold stocking to hang up with my boyfriend’s non-matching stocking. But when Mr. P and I got married, I wanted us to have matching stockings. It was only this year that I pulled out my original single gold stocking and realized just how similar it is to our matching stockings! Meant to be, you guys.

I hung them up with Command hooks, and they’ve stayed put for weeks! Granted, there’s nothing in them... but who cares, Santa can put them on the floor if they’re too heavy.

And, believe it or not... the tree, the mantel, and the décor on the foyer table are all of our decorations this year. I had moments when I thought I should go all-out as it’d likely be Baby P’s first Christmas... followed immediately by moments realizing I’d have to take it all back down while caring for an infant. In that case, I think this will serve us just fine!

Sure, there are far more impressive Christmas decorations around – I’m most partial to Kate’s vignette, I think – but for these new parents and one tiny new roommate who won’t be able to see more than three inches in front of his face, this works well for us!


Rachel C said...

First, congrats again on Baby P's arrival. I can't wait to read about all of his adventures and see him modeling his awesome nursery.

I love the Christmas picture! So cute and creative. And, as always, I love your decorations. I think a little goes a long ways and often has more impact that tons of decorations. And thank you for the BRILLIANT idea of turning the lights off to decorate. I also love me some lights (What? 900 seems excessive on a 7 foot tree??) but I have trouble decorating it because I cannot see past all of the bling. I'm going to try and remember to turn the lights off next year.

Miles said...

Congrats, momma!! Looking forward to details and learning his name! I think you've already mastered the parenting thing-- it's all about simplicity. And, love. This post screams both. Enjoy these next precious days getting to know your son! There's NOTHING like a newborn. So jealous!

Stacy said...

Yay yay! Congrats! Can't wait to see pics of your sweet baby boy!