12 December 2014

Photo Friday #181: another special snowflake

Remember way way back when, I showed you the Swarovski snowflake Mr. P – ahem, I mean, St. Nick – gave me in 2010, to celebrate our first married Christmas? They make a new, unique one every year. And with another family status change in 2014, St. Nick ensured that I officially have a collection.

We’re so ready for you, Baby P. Any day now!


Miranda said...

So beautiful! And so excited for you guys!

Tina said...

Mr. P and St. Nick are especially good to you! Very nice! I know Baby P is coming into a wonderfully loving home. Come on, Baby P! The rest of us can hardly wait to meet you! ;-)

Janice said...

How beautiful! After our kids were each born, St. Nick began bringing them an ornament (or 2) from a Hallmark series each year. When they moved out, they had over 22 ornaments for their own trees!
Can't wait for Baby P to arrive. Maybe tomorrow, 12/13/14 would be a nice birth date!