05 January 2015

2015 Intentions

You all know by now that I’m an obsessive goal-setter. I live my life by to-do lists (simultaneously with paper or Evernote or right here on the blog), I set deadlines to re-visit the lists frequently, and I check each item off with glee. And yes, if I do extra items that I forgot to include on the list, I absolutely add them and immediately check them off. No shame. It’s satisfying AND I measure progress.

And so, I’m here today to set some of my intentions for 2015. I’ve said before why I prefer intentions to resolutions, but I also like the idea of setting intentions because I’ve already got a very specific to-do list – the 35 by 35 list – and a more vague set of perpetual goals, like these. The intentions are things I’d like to do but won’t beat myself up too badly if they fall through.

Just to look back, in 2012 I wanted to finish my 30 by 30 list. After that, here are my intentions for 2013 and 2014. I actually did a decent job with 2014’s intentions, mostly because I was gestating a tiny new human: I ate small meals frequently (as my metabolism and shrinking stomach space demanded), I cleaned our home frequently (owing to nesting and frequent visitors), I kept healthy blog habits (by cutting back to three days a week), and I hit and maintained inbox zero for both my work and personal accounts (because who knew when I’d go into labor?!). Awesome. Thanks for helping me out, Baby P!

So for 2015, I’ll keep those goals and add a few:

1) Take a weekly photo of Baby P

You all know I only took belly shots every four to six weeks because weekly shots seemed like way too much of a commitment. But... this is my baaaybeeeee. I need to document every moment of his sweet little life, right? Right?!

And so, here we go.

Right now it still feels like such an ordeal to change him into a white onesie and set up the photo area, all while hoping for a happy baby while the sun is out... but hopefully it’ll become no big deal soon. Wish me luck!

2) Update our family website 2-4x a month

Here’s where I have to admit to you, dear readers, that I’m holding out on you. I cut back on my posting frequency here, and I don’t post nonstop baby photos... because I started another website. I’m sorry/not sorry.

Our families live far away and want Baby P photos, but this public website is just not the prudent place to do that. So, we started a new password-protected website for a constant photo stream of the banal minutiae Baby P experiences every day. At least, a constant photo stream if I update it. I’ve managed to keep my posting promises here at this website, so I hope my tenacity extends to the new one as well!

3) Try for one DIY project a month

This seems like a sad prospect based on all the DIY I did in 2014 and compiled last week...

But keeping my family top priority just became a lot more time-consuming, so I’m trying to keep my expectations manageable. If at the end of the year I have a dozen DIYs to reflect upon, I’ll consider that a successful year! And if I surpass? Well, then I’ll just give myself a high-five, Liz Lemon-style.

4) The career trifecta: paper, grant, interview

I also mentioned last week that 2014 was a pretty great year career-wise.

If my family is top priority, then my career is second. And honestly, I have three big career goals this year: get another first-author manuscript published, submit an application for a career transition grant (it funds my current position as well as the first years of a faculty position, plus prestige), and get an interview for a faculty position that I will apply for in the fall. I waffled on which to include here, but ultimately decided to just be ambitious already and try for all three. Ideally those things will happen in that order, which means I need to start working on that paper yesterday. But hey, even if I fall flat on this one, whatever actually gets accomplished sets me up nicely for 2016. I’ll go for it!

And so! Basically I’m trying to build on the best parts of 2014 to make 2015 just as stellar of a year. What’s on your to-do list this year, dear readers? Anything you intend to accomplish? Be sure to write it down (somewhere, if not here) to help you follow through!


Mary Beth said...

You are officially my hero :) I don't know how you fit it all in! You truly have it all ... daily inspiration for me, I tell you. And the new "roommate" is so precious and adorable!

Rachel C said...

Such wonderful and realistic intentions. And I love the pictures of Baby P. Are you planning on doing an update of your 35 by 35 soon?

Sarah said...

Thanks to you both!! Rachel, I'm planning on doing an update around my birthday in February - one year down, three to go before 35 :)