02 January 2015

Photo Friday #184: twenty fifteen

I’ve mentioned before that my boss set the tradition of giving a bottle of champagne to anyone who secures a grant or a first-author paper. So when we got word earlier this month that our paper was (finally!) accepted in top journal, my boss splurged on a good bottle. But as I was still waiting on Baby P’s arrival, I saved it for a few weeks... to toast to a very happy and successful 2014.

Cheers to you, 2014, and here’s hoping 2015 can live up to its predecessor!


Christal said...

which transition grant will you aim to do? If you go the K99 route, let me know and I can pass along things! :-)

Sarah said...

@Christal, would most definitely love to see yours! I can also try for NMSS; there's a few people around here with one of those. I'll send an email with details!