16 January 2015

Photo Friday #186: God bless

Even before Baby P arrived, I’ve had a second due date looming ahead of me: January 11. Otherwise known as Baptism of our Lord on the calendar of Catholic holidays, otherwise known as the Sunday we’d dress little Baby P in a spiffy dress and begin his life in our Church (and pray for his good behavior in front of the whole congregation), otherwise known as the date we’d host nearly thirty friends and family in our home for a party to celebrate the little guy.

Details on the second big day next week! (There is DIY involved. Promise.)


Rachel C said...

Such a wonderful family picture! I hope the details next week include photos and a discussion of your dress/top because I LOVE it.

Sarah said...

@Rachel, I was going to say "oh, it's just that dress I wore to those weddings in North Carolina and Switzerland" (that I blogged about)... but I went back to check and there are no photos of me in those posts! Ha! Ok, I will try to include dress details :)