23 January 2015

Photo Friday #187: thanks anyway

After any big event in which there are lots of presents – like, say, a baptism – there are the thank you notes. I try my very best to write good ones and to be prompt about it. It’s the least I can do for someone who took the time and consideration to pick out a gift! (Plus, checking a box on my 35 by 35 list. Nice.)

Because Baby P is so fortunate to have a lot of thoughtful and generous people in his life, we have been writing a LOT of thank you notes. So many that I actually ran out of the jumbo-sized box I bought and had to go to Target for more. But it’s when we were standing in the cards aisle that Baby P chose to get fussy – nay, screamy – for the first time out in public. I got flustered, grabbed the first set that caught my eye, and made a break for the checkout line.

And that, friends, is how I ended up with a giant box of very ornate, very uncharacteristic flowery pink thank you notes. Just so you know.


Janice said...

It's the thought that you took the time to write the note that people notice, not the color of the cards. :)
Kids, ya never know when they will have a meltdown.