21 January 2015

The Baptism of Baby P

Ok! The last post got through all the projects for Baby P’s big day, so I hope you’ll indulge me another family-centric post full of photos and memories from Baby P’s baptism! But before we jump in, there were still a few things to prepare. Like receiving family, and getting ready for the ritual itself.

Part of the Catholic baptismal ceremony is wearing a white garment, which in the case of Baby P, meant wearing a swanky white baptismal gown. Fortunately, Baby P’s aunt and uncle were willing to pass along his cousin’s gown from a few years back. A new family heirloom! We just had to make sure it fit.

I mentioned in the last post that it was a bit tricky to find a date to have Baby P baptized, but I’m sure glad we didn’t wait until after the Easter season. That 3-6 month-sized dress fits our 4-week-old pretty well. I thought for sure I’d need to tack it in a few places so he wasn’t swimming in it, but nope. He’s a growing boy!

I promise he is not actually frightened of the dress or unhappy about wearing it. Kid just cycles through a lot of expressions faster than my camera.

I will have to break out the needle and thread eventually, though. Baby P’s cousin’s name and baptism date is stitched into the slip, and now I need to add Baby P’s there too! I even have the same thread to do it, because Mr. P’s sister is thorough and organized like that.

But for now, let’s see if I could give good enough directions to get my family to the church. Success!

Here’s Baby P with his godmother (Mr. P’s other sister).

(Sorry that the photos tend to be blurry and weird white balance – it’s dim in our church!)

My coworkers came too, because they are so very kind.

We had even more friends there too, scattered around the congregation. I didn’t get to see all of them there at the church, but hey, that’s why we had a party afterward.

Once we were all there and had received directions for what to do when, it was time to get started! The Mass began with the introductions of the families whose children were being baptized. Baby P was one of four kiddos celebrating a baptism that day!

(Dress check per reader Rachel’s request: Calvin Klein, purchased from Macy’s in December 2013. I can’t find it on their website anymore, sorry! I’ve already worn it to two cold-weather weddings – this one and this one – and while it would have been nice to get a new dress, I was grateful I could fit into this one, four weeks postpartum!)

For the actual baptism partway through the Mass, we assembled at the back of the church around the font. I should note at this point, Baby P was WIDE AWAKE, despite all my prayers that he would sleep through the whole ceremony.

But! When it came time to pour the water over his head, he was alert but silent. Just took it all in. Didn’t even care that he was getting water splashed on him. (The other baby wasn’t as pleased, but then again, her family chose to have her immersed. Can’t say I wouldn’t scream if I were suddenly and involuntary dunked naked in water!)

So much for sleeping through the ceremony. Once again, this kid ignores what I think would be the best-case scenario and delivers and even better one (for the first time he did this, see his birth story).

Immediately following his baptism, we processed to the front: Mr. P with Baby P, his godfather with his candle, and his godmother and me with the wine to present for the Eucharist.

Then the hard part was over! From then on, we could just enjoy the rest of the Mass, relieved that the celebration was joy-filled for all! And of course, he fell asleep after the big ceremony. Ah well!

Immediately after Mass, we gathered for a few photos with the priest and family:

Then, finally, it was time for lunch!

For everyone, including Baby P! Thanks, Grandma P.

And of course, Baby P had to share his big day with the Packers playoff. Several of Mr. P’s family even brought their Packers gear to the party to change into for the game!

Baby P even got some gear of his own from his godparents!

By then he was, as you can see, a bit partied out. But to have been such a good kid throughout the whole day, I think he gets a pass!

So that was how we celebrated Baby P’s baptism – with lots of friends, family, and fun! The day went by so fast that I feel like I didn’t get to talk with everyone like I wanted, or take as many photos as I thought I would...but then, that just means we were lucky to be surrounded by so many people we love!

All in all, a lovely way to celebrate our sweet son. God bless Baby P!


Janice said...

What a wonderful day!! Welcome to the faith lil' Child of God!