11 February 2015

DIY: silhouette triptych

Once again, I am staring down a minor holiday for which I am utterly unprepared. It’s only when my feed reader starts to fill up with posts for “super-easy kids’ Valentine crafts!!” or “shopping guides for your man this Valentine’s day” that I realize, oh right, bloggers provide holiday-specific content. Whoops.

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Fortunately, I recently did a small artsy DIY that you could reasonably adapt for your kid’s craft or man’s gift or whatever it is you need for this St. Valentine’s Day. And appropriately enough for this holiday’s celebration of love, I need to refer back to Team P’s wedding. I told you during last year’s Wedding Week how Mr. P and I made our own website, complete with retro silhouettes made from our profile photos.

And maybe you spotted those same silhouettes way back in our old guest room gallery wall?

Well, now that we are a Team P of Three, it seemed time to add a new silhouette to the bunch. Rather than try to convince a four-week-old to pose for a profile shot, I just glanced through the gazillion (gazilllllionnnn) photos I’ve taken of him so far to find photo already in profile. Ta-da!

(My kid’s favorite place to play/read/stare out the window in deep contemplation is his changing table. Weird, right? It is basically the baby equivalent of reading on the toilet.)

To make his silhouette, I just traced over his head in Illustrator. You can do something similar with most drawing programs or even Powerpoint.

Oh yes, I outlined his fuzzy little hairs. I wanted to commemorate his newborn near-skullet for posterity!

Delete the photo from underneath the tracing, color it black, and boom, silhouette!

I spent a bit of time refining the curves, rotating it, and adding the little curved-bust line at the bottom.

Then I just pasted in our own silhouettes that I made the same way years ago – and sized Baby P’s head relative to ours – to print them all out!

And just what was I planning to frame them with? This old triptych frame, purchased at the dollar store back when I had a colorful kitchen.

Those are my (old, pre-Team P) initials done in some Celtic font I downloaded way back when. But those aren’t the only thing out of date – there is absolutely nothing else in those colors in my home anymore. But there is a lot of gold... and I have leftover gold paint!

Just like when I made my Ballard knockoff mirrors, the first coat of paint didn’t look too hot.

But layer after thin layer of craft paint works in the end!

I honestly didn’t have the time or patience to do many thin coats, though, so I ended up embracing the thick-brushstroke look. Embrace the texture, I say!

Once it was all dry, we had an updated silhouette triptych to include our new family member! And bonus: the gold and black frame now matches two other bits of silhouette art I already have – one from Mr. P’s childhood, and one from mine.

Looking at it now, I might re-print out the new silhouettes a tiny bit smaller, and on ivory cardstock to match the older, yellowed paper of the other two silhouettes. But even as-is, I’m excited to be pulling these things together for a bigger art project I have in mind! (Did someone say gallery wall?! I just did!)

So! If you’re looking for ideas for romantic or family art for this Valentine’s Day, you could totally make this work for you! Or hey, make it any time of the year. Because love knows no season, right, dear readers?


Tina said...

I'd love a a gallery of our family silhouettes in my home, too!!!
Happy Love Day to Evvv-erybody!

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