25 February 2015

My Favorite Things, February 2015

It seems really odd to me that we’re already at the end of a month, you guys. I think it might have something to do with hardly leaving the house in February, owing to ridiculously low temperatures that were absolutely unsuitable for walking my newborn around the block. Basically it was a whole month of being a hermit. Wearing the same clothes every day will make even the shortest month feel even shorter!

But upside to February flying by: it’s already time for another round of my favorite things! Things besides this pretty little journal cover, I guess.

This month I loved...

Good reads

Speaking of that cold weather, have you heard any mysterious noises outside? No worries, it’s just the earth freezing and breaking apart. Apparently they are called ice quakes. NBD!

Also, northerners: this is why the south completely shut down last week. One huge point that link fails to mention: ICE. Here in STL, temps stayed below freezing and the snow remained powdery. Meanwhile, my hometown in rural Tennessee turned into twelve-square-mile skating rink. I don’t care how far north you live, you cannot safely drive on black ice.

Anyway. A different sort of cold: the refrigerator mother theory. We can only hope that soon that the vaccinations-cause-autism theory will sound as ridiculous, and soon.

On a lighter note: how to get the cheapest flight anywhere. Suddenly I feel so betrayed by Expedia!

Apparently the feminist flavor of the Ryan Gosling Hey Girl memes can do some actual good in this world. It smells a bit of junk science to me, but if there is more feminist Ryan Gosling to show for it, then by all means:

Along those lines, here’s a recounting of the time everyone corrected the world’s smartest woman. I’d heard references to this incident before, and it was intriguing to get the full story.

Here’s a gripping essay about what it’s like to suffer from an autoimmune disorder. It’s frightening to read about how the disease messes with your mind as much as your body.

Oliver Sacks has terminal cancer and he wrote a beautiful essay about it and I think I need to just go over here and deal with my feelings until this elephant gets off my chest and I can breathe again.

And lastly: I regret to inform you that you simply aren’t doing your best. YES. I get criticized for being too hard on myself, but this lady understands my mindset all day, every day.

Sciency stuff

A whole section on science this month, y’all! I guess I miss my day job.

This comes from Australia, but most of these seven myths about scientists apply to those of us in the States, too. Most important takeaway is the last paragraph, so read all the way through!

This tweet on why you shouldn’t fear GMOs:

Scientists and the rest of the world use the Celsuis system, but everyday Americans don’t. Here’s why. It is pretty embarrassing.

Finally, when I was poking around for new fonts the other day, I found this science dings font that delighted me beyond end.

Why? Click through and you’ll see that all the scientist-people depicted are lady scientists. Or at least dudes with lady hair. Heck yes, I’ll take it.

Mom stuff

The whole reason I even started reading about that refrigerator mother theory is because I have a tiny infant and am therefore obsessed with the current measles epidemic. Mostly I just want to shout at people WHAT ARE YOU DOING OMG STAHP. When our herd immunity is so shot that vaccinated people are susceptible to measles, I just want to shake the human race by its collective shoulders.

And oh yes, Baby P got a round of vaccinations this month because OF COURSE HE DID. Look at that photo! Yay vaccinations!

In other news, Baby P is still a relatively phenomenal sleeper, but I’m so glad I found this article for when he isn’t. Repeat after me: sleep isn’t a milestone. Sleep isn’t a milestone. Sleep isn’t a milestone.

And finally, this essay about the first year of motherhood really, really spoke to me. Just, all of it. She has me pegged.

Home stuff

I’ve followed Mrs. Limestone’s shore kitchen transformation for years now. It’s finally done! And it’s gorgeous! (As you’d expect.)

Buzzfeed has a roundup of Amazon shopping tips, and some are TOPS. I love the tip about add-on items, because add-on negates Prime, boo! (But I feel bad speaking ill of Amazon, as they refunded a lost package of mine this month and sent a replacement next-day. Kiss kiss, Amazon.)

Oh yeah, I was on Buzzfeed this month too. That was weird.

Apparently I’m not the only one who gets the itch to clean and purge while being cooped up all winter. Here’s a reverse-psychology approach to de-cluttering, and here’s a Lenten-based one. Whatever it takes!

Lastly, I want to print off this list of dishes everyone should be able to cook and give it to sophomore-in-college Sarah P. I’m happy that I can do most of these now, but it would’ve saved me a lot of boxes of mac n’ cheese back then.


Since I’m already all up-in-arms about measles I might as well put this out here so you can officially call me the crazy measles-obsessed lady: maps of measles mortality before vaccinations. UGH. (And if you don’t think the mortality seems very high, then you clearly missed the recirculation of Roald Dahl’s powerful plea last month).

Anyway. No more measles! Here’s a reverse population map. Whatever happened to the great western migration?

And while not truly a map, here are the proper pronunciations of many place names. Most are obvious if you’re over the age of ten, but I’ve been way off on Dubai and Qatar.

Books, TV, movies, & music

We all know that Harper Lee is publishing a new novel by now, I bet. Here is why I’m really, really nervous about it.

Here’s a quiz to see if you’d end up with Big or Aidan. Despite a few glamorous picks, I ended up with Aidan because of course he is the better boyfriend, what with the not being married to someone else.

Jimmy Fallon knocked it out of the park several times this month. I am certain you’ve see these, but then what’s stopping you from watching them again now?!

Jimmy Fallon as the Fresh Prince:

And Jimmy Fallon at Bayside High:

Not gonna lie, “Friends Forever” was stuck in my head for days.

This video of Harry Potter from Hermione’s perspective is pure gold (though watch out for some language, kiddos):

On the other hand, this video of Snape’s story told in chronological order made me SOB, you guys. Literally SOB.

And hot off the presses: NEW BEN FOLDS ALBUM. Plus a tour! I’m excited!

As always, let’s end with...


I smell a Kinspiracy.

Here’s a great roundup of tweets from Sh*t Academics Say. #18, indeed.

More excellent tweets, presented in total non sequitur format:

Just in case you missed it (I was a week late myself): shirtless Carrell, Stewart, and Colbert TBT. I totally have the hots for 2001-era Colbert, you guys.

And because it’s not a month of favorite things without some sort of adorable animals, here’s a series of red pandas (and one imposter).

Happy February, everyone! Bring it, March!


Miles said...

Aw, that makes me wildly sad for Harper Lee. I hope people will have the decency to leave her alone though I can't imagine this new book being anything other than huge.

Tina said...

THANK YOU! This showed up just in time! Something new to do besides watching the ice outside (not) melt!!! :-)

Christal said...

hahahaha, I liked the sherlock pic. whaaa ben folds?!?!?!?!?

Anna Leigh Peek said...

I'm so glad someone has sympathy for southerners and snow. I grew up in North Alabama and just recently moved from Alabama to STL. I am not familiar with driving in snow, we did not get a lot of snow and if we did, we didn't drive. I think our county has one snow plow, the one plow can only do so much especially when typically our snow was coupled with ice.