04 February 2015

Sorting baby's storage (already!)

Baby P had his two-month checkup this week – two weeks before he’s actually two months, but whatever. It was there that the doctor confirmed what I had suspected: Baby P is a big dude. Don’t let the onesie fool you; this guy is a solid two feet tall. Ninety-fifth percentile!

His weight itself is less impressive (fiftieth percentile), but he gained two and a half pounds in five weeks, which the doctor called “amazing”. So yeah, he’s a growing boy!

I hadn’t bothered to weigh or measure him here at the house, but I knew this kid had to have grown a bunch. A few weeks ago, I realized his closet was suddenly full of clothes that no longer fit.

It held even more than when that photo was taken, but still, basically everything in the left two-thirds of the closet was outgrown. Some of those things were never worn, and most were only worn once! Thank goodness they were hand-me-downs.

So a month after he was born, Baby P needed a closet cleanout. Basically they were in his closet for FAR longer before he was born than after! That’s not all, though: his dresser was filled with towels and swaddles that no longer fit over his long legs, plus prenatal supplies like books and a fetal heart monitor. And then there were the maternity clothes in my closet that were no longer needed, too.

Fortunately, the task of cycling the tiny clothes out and the bigger ones in (or the opposite, for my wardrobes) was less daunting thanks to a Christmas present from my sister-in-law. Behold:

You guys, how have I lived so long without a label maker?! It was a very smart present, especially considering I didn’t really make a Christmas wish list this year, owing to the fact that I was busy gestating another person. My sister-in-law (also a mom) explained that once Baby P starts going to child care, we’ll need to label everything that goes with him. But of course, I plan to have plenty of fun with it in the meantime!

Also needed for this little organizing project: new storage bins. If you’re wondering who that crazy lady was juggling an infant carrier and storage bins in her Target cart, hello, that was me.

Then I sorted out what we no longer needed and loaded them up!

I debated for a hot minute whether to pack things chronologically rather than categorically – for instance, you need the tiny towels with the tiny clothes, right? But I decided to keep things simple and went with categories instead. That meant I ended up only filling two bins halfway, rather than a single bin with a mishmash of things. That leaves room to put the nursing clothes in with the maternity clothes when I’m done with them, and all the swaddles and towels in that same bin. Not exactly space-saving now, but whoever uses these things next – whether it’s me or another family member – will probably appreciate it!

Then, just for good measure, I gathered up all the cards and ephemera from Baby P’s birth and baptism that hadn’t made it into his scrapbook. Remember that? I tried to make it as easy for myself later, but apparently it still wasn’t as easy as “throw it all in a box”.

iI’s a small box, so I can’t throw stuff in there indefinitely. But, it makes a place for those things rather than piled on top of his bookshelf

So while this isn’t I Heart Organizing-level of beauty and cleverness in storage solutions, I’m still happy that I got this little project DONE before Baby P gets any bigger! Also: I have a label maker now, y’all. Watch out. I’mma make labels for everything!