27 March 2015

Photo Friday #196: great-grandma, again

If I were still blogging every day, I’d probably take a whole post to tell you about our lovely trip to Tennessee last weekend. We drove in the middle of the night to keep happy-baby schedule, Baby P got to spend two days and nights with Grandma and Grandpa P, and we attended my little cousin’s birthday party, where Baby P got to see his Great-Grandma again.

And this time, despite a minor baby meltdown, I absolutely was not shy about taking lots of photos.


Tina said...


Janice said...

So glad you were able to make the trip and get pictures of Baby P and his relatives. They are precious memories today and in the future. Keep taking those pictures!

Mechelle Dyer said...

We need a "like" button. You can never have too many pictures. Remember to take video too, so that when he's old enough, he can have a glimpse into what he and his peeps were like ;)