22 April 2015

April shower with love

Last year, if you’ll recall, my April was so full of work talks and presentations and papers and deadlines that I made a spreadsheet called APRIL OMG to tackle it all. Oh yeah, and I discovered I was pregnant in the middle of it all. Without a doubt, one of the most ridiculously demanding months I’ve ever survived.

This April wasn’t nearly as insane, but it’s definitely been busy with all these weekend road trips while Mr. P and I both work full-time. Travel is tricky anyway, and it’s extra challenging with an infant in the mix. Still, by now, we’re becoming seasoned pros! And Baby P’s getting used to driving all over the states in his PJs.

I said I would keep my kid dressed in public, and yet, here we are

To sum it up, we went to Tennessee at the end of March, then Wisconsin two weeks ago, then Mr. P had a long weekend in Ohio with his students. And this last weekend? Tennessee again. But I’m not complaining, oh no. Because this is why we were there:

For us! It was thrown by my old church family, the lovely people at the church I grew up in. I haven’t lived in my hometown in a decade, but they’re the sort of incredible people to throw a shower for us anyway. It was a joy to go back and see them all in general...

But especially exciting to introduce them to Baby P!

The lady below is one of the surrogate grandmothers I mentioned in this post. I feel like Baby P just met one of his great-grandmas!

As if being back with church family wasn’t special enough, they put together a sweet shower after the worship service. There were so many tasty treats (a big step up from the usual after-church refreshments!)...

(I know I know but privacy for my baaaaaybeeeee)

And oh, there were presents. I didn’t take a photo of the wrapped presents, but imagine one of those big public-space square coffee tables... and now imagine every square inch of it stacked with gifts for Baby P! Seriously, we were overwhelmed. I told Mr. P there’d be plenty of room in the car even with shower gifts, that it was more about seeing people than the presents so I didn’t really think we’d bring much home... but oh, I was wrong.

There were cute outfits (some in my alma mater’s school colors, yeah!):

Goodies to keep Baby P so fresh and so clean (I didn’t even know disposable washcloths were a thing! talk about useful for all this travel!):

More useful and fun gifts, including one sent by Mr. P’s parents!:

But the big haul was BOOKS. I specifically mentioned that we love receiving books for Baby P, especially when the giver passes along one of their family’s favorites. And goodness gracious did they go along with that idea! I suppose it helps that it’s a church full of academics (all university professors and teachers, practically).

So many special books in there, too! I especially liked hearing the stories of why they picked a particular book – it was a favorite of theirs, or of their grandchild. Or in the case of “Good Night Tennessee”, that special grandma figure above chose it for Baby P so he’d know where his family is from – meaning her and the other guests, too!

I was – I am – so moved by how lovely and generous these people are. Even now, as I write this, I’m feeling a little choked up by how fortunate we are to know them! I sure hope Baby P can understand someday what it means to have so many people, so far away, love our family so much.

No matter how busy we get, or how much we have to do, I’ll always be glad to make time to keep these people in our lives. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a stack of heartfelt thank-you notes to write...


Janice said...

What a wonderful weekend! So very kind of your LONG TIME church family/friends (ol' family saying is, "don't say old to an older person" ha ha ha) to host a shower for all of you. What thoughtful gifts as well.

Becca said...

Thank you so much for posting pics! It's great to see these lovely faces that I haven't seen in so long. Hate I couldn't be there to meet baby P and give you a big hug, but I sent two of Everett's favorite books in our stead. I hope your little one enjoys them just as much!