06 April 2015

Baby's first (collaborative) Easter basket

Back around Thanksgiving, my mom asked if I knew what Santa was going to bring Baby P for Christmas. I responded with a deer-in-headlights look because... oh. Santa. Right!

For years we’ve been a little iffy on the extent of Christmas magic that would take over Casa P once we had kids, so I wasn’t particularly thrilled about Santa gifts. (If you’re curious, we’re thinking Santa presents: yes; special Santa photos: meh; milk and cookies: only without a hard sell; NORAD tracking: probably not; Elf on the Shelf: OH FOR THE LOVE, NO WAY.) So for this past Christmas, we decided that Santa needs more than eleven days notice for new babies, because I dunno, elves or bureaucracy or established pattern of good vs. naughty, etc. Baby P got so many gifts from friends and family that there’s nothing Santa needed to bring anyway.

However! Now that Baby P’s a bit older, it seemed like there wasn’t a real excuse for the Easter Bunny to skip his house this year. But... what does the Easter Bunny bring a three-month-old? He can’t eat candy. He doesn’t need toys. Google didn’t have any really great ideas; it was all stuffed animals and plastic eggs and stuff that would generally clutter our already-cluttered home. On the other hand, Baby P’s sweet family was sending so many thoughtful and age-appropriate Easter gifts. Why couldn’t those be in his basket?

Oh. Hey! I am a parent now! I get to make the rules!

And so, we started a new tradition with Baby P. Just like how at Christmas he’ll get most of his presents from family and a few more things from Santa, his Easter basket was filled mostly with presents from family, and the Bunny added a few things on top.

So! Here’s how I put together a, uh, collaborative, and quite practical, Easter basket for our three-month-old. If you’re looking for baby Easter gifts for next year, here are your ideas!

First of all, the basket itself. I used a basket a cousin sent and tied a ribbon on it from a past gift for Baby P. The kiddo wasn’t going egg hunting this year, so this basket worked just fine!

Next in the basket: BOOKS. There were books from his grandparents and aunt, uncle, and cousin, with nods to Easter with the bunny and egg:

And more from his other grandparents, again with the bunny.

He also got Guess How Much I Love You from another aunt and uncle, which didn’t make the photos. But that’s another good Easter basket addition, since it too is a story about bunnies!

You guys, books are now my favorite go-to baby or child gift. There are so many good books! These particular ones were happily received by Baby P even this year, and I’m sure we’ll enjoy them again for Easters to come.

And then: clothes! I know clothes seem like a lame-o Easter basket addition, but these outfits from his grandmother were too cute not to add:

One of those rompers became his Easter outfit! And he actually had an outfit from his other grandmother that should’ve gone in (a super cute “rainy day” set that felt totally springy), but I forgot.

Because I’m not totally a stick in the mud, Baby P’s basket did include a few toys. Specifically, these rattles my mom made for my first Easter!

As I was barely six weeks old for my first Easter, needless to say, these were enjoyed more by sixteen-week-old Baby P.

A few other fun gifts in his collaborative basket:

That’s a bunny lovey from a family friend, and although it wasn’t given specifically for Easter, it fulfilled the “stuffed toy” quotient that I saw in every other basket. It’s a pacifier keeper, so will be handy when Baby P’s a bit older and ready for loveys! And the ears were a dollar spot find from Mom and Dad, because... just, yes.

And so! What was left for the Easter bunny to bring?

Well, because an Easter basket without candy seemed all wrong, the Bunny figured that mom and dad would enjoy the chocolate. And for Baby P, there were new pacifiers (his favorite brand! No others will do!) and bow ties! The ties weren’t part of his Easter outfit, but they’re sure to make him look as dapper next year and many times in between.

All those fantastic gifts made for a pretty awesome Easter basket:

Just like piling all the presents under the Christmas tree, I really liked the idea of accumulating presents in his Easter basket, with a few small things in there from the Bunny. At first I felt lazy, but then I realized, isn’t it more important to place special importance on the generosity of his family instead of a magic bunny? Putting all those items in his basket is like concentrating the love in one place! He should feel gratitude for the kindness of his family, not a silly magic bunny!

Hmm. I don’t think Baby P gave it nearly as much thought as I did. Oh well.

Once it all came together, an Easter basket for a three-month-old didn’t seem as ridiculous as it first felt. Even in years to come, I think the book + clothes + toy + candy + something needed (in this case, pacifiers) formula works pretty well. And I think it probably works for Christmas, too. I’m actually getting inspired!


Tina said...

I've always believed you were the wise one... STILL convinced! Congratulations on a well-handled and thought-out first Easter basket!

Mechelle Dyer said...

I used to add colored socks balled up to look a little like eggs...something needed...fills the basket, adds color...that might be something for the next few years when socks get outgrown and worn out.

Janice said...

One of my favorite things about this Easter was meeting Baby P live and in person after having "met" him via photographs for 15.5 weeks. I'm telling you all, he's an absolute doll. So incredibly precious.His basket was filled with love from so many people yet this little guy brought smiles to everyone he met. Thank you Baby P for brightening our weekend.