08 April 2015

Easter up north

I mentioned last week that we were unexpectedly traveling for the Easter holiday last weekend. We’d expected to spend Baby P’s first Easter here at home, but last week, Mr. P’s delightful grandma passed away. Many of his family had already planned to visit her over the holiday weekend, so the memorial service was scheduled for the day after Easter. Those of us who hadn’t planned to travel now decided to come up for the whole weekend.

And so, we spent Easter weekend heading north to Wisconsin on Baby P’s third roadtrip, and his longest one yet. But I made sure to take Easter photos before we left on Saturday morning!

Couldn’t let those bunny ears go totally to waste, after all. Next year he’ll know how to pull them off his head!

Then after many (MANY) trips downstairs to pack the car, we were off! Even though it wasn’t Baby P’s first roadtrip, there were still a lot of firsts along the way. Like baby’s first driving lesson!

In a parked car, but close enough.

Also, baby’s first Chick-fil-a!

Not a fan just yet, but he’ll get there.

It took an extra hour and a half to get to Milwaukee thanks to two stops along the way, but stopping frequently meant we had a relatively happy (if not a bit road-weary) baby when we arrived at our destination.

Oh yes, and this was baby’s first hotel stay!

Of course, one of the best “firsts” was meeting so many of his family.

Although it was just as nice to see some family for the second, third, whatever time.

Oh yeah, all that red. We were in Wisconsin during the Badgers’ big semifinals win! Baby’s first NCAA tournament!

He seemed into watching it, I guess?

After our long travel day, the next day was Easter! We got all dolled up for the service.

Unfortunately Baby P and I only saw the family for a few minutes before spending the Mass in the cry room. Baby’s first public meltdown! Sigh. I did get a photo of Baby’s first Easter Mass... once he conked out.

Shirt is the same Oshkosh romper pictured above (too cold in Wisconsin for shorts!). Bow tie was made by his Mimi (my mom). And shoes were my baby shoes! Yes indeed, I crammed his monster size feet into my shoes just for this one occasion. It was adorable, so worth it.

Also please note that his dad also wore a yellow bow tie. OMG, the cute.

After Easter mass, we all gathered for brunch, followed later by an Easter dinner, both prepared by Mr. P’s fantastic aunt (with perhaps some help from her siblings). I wish I’d taken photos of the spread! Say what you will about the South; I say Midwesterners really know how to eat.

Aside from eating, we just spent the day with Mr. P’s parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins... which, really, was a lovely way to spend the holiday and celebrate Mr. P’s grandma as a family.

(I promise the weekend wasn’t all about Baby P, even though that’s all I took photos of.)

The day after Easter was Grandma’s Memorial Gathering, which was an absolutely lovely affair with photo collages, her quilt collection, and a string quartet (!). There was also the Memorial Mass itself, and a delicious luncheon afterwards. I’d have taken photos, except I was dealing with the onset of Baby’s second public meltdown. So this is the only photo I have from the event: the aftermath of a good hard cry-in-the-car during Great-Grandma’s Memorial Mass.

Mr. P’s grandma was such a sweet and loving person that I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t mind her great-grandson’s very loud protestations. But still, sorry Grandma!

So! Even though we hadn’t planned to spend the holiday weekend on the road, I’m so glad we were able to make it up and celebrate Mr. P’s grandma’s life with all the family. I only had the pleasure of knowing her for a few years, but from my interactions with her, her children, and her grandchildren, I know that she was quite a remarkable lady. I really can’t count how many times I’ve told people that I aspire to be as gracious as Mr. P’s grandma when I am older.

(from healthier days in 2011)

While I wish we could’ve had Baby’s first Wisconsin trip under happier circumstances, it’s clear that Grandma has a real gift for bringing together from near and far. How perfect to spend a joyful Easter weekend celebrating her life! Baby’s first lesson on the importance of family.


Tina said...

Such a nice tribute to Grandma P. With a smile coming from tears, what more can I add? Not a thing.

Janice said...

What a wonderful account of the weekend and very special tribute to Mr. P's Grandmother. She truly was a special person and will be deeply missed.

Mechelle Dyer said...

Sorry again for everyone's loss. He did have a long car trip...so I'm sure he'll be back to his super great kid self in no time :) Sweet tribute, love the bow ties :) Now I have some new gift ideas.

Christal Sohl said...

So sorry for you all -- and it looks like a beautiful weekend was had.

Richard said...

Thank you, Sarah for this beautiful tribute to Mom and our family. I am so very happy that you were both able to meet.
Now, Baby P has another angel watching over him.