27 April 2015

Eats: bacon, swiss, & scallion muffins

When I first started drafting this post, it began with something like, “Isn’t it funny that I have so many breakfast posts on this blog when I’m really not a breakfast eater?!” But then I had to backspace all over that because, for the past year, I have eaten breakfast, almost every morning. True, for years I was a coffee-only kind of girl. But I really got the extra couple hundred calories I needed while pregnant just by adding breakfast... and I haven’t stopped yet. Considering I’m still eating for two, I need to realize: I am a breakfast eater now, really!

Before Baby P’s arrival, I had a ham, egg, and cheese toasted sandwich for breakfast every morning. Now that my mornings are a bit more hectic, breakfast is less impressive – cereal if I can sit alone, maybe a pop tart or a peanut butter tortilla if I’m on the move. But when I have the time, I try to do myself a favor and whip up something extra tasty, and easy to grab the next day or so.

Like these bacon muffins. Well, not just bacon – bacon, scallions, and cheese. Elly’s recipe calls for gruyere, but heck no I was not buying gruyere just for something I’d eat half-asleep after getting up multiple times in the night (as this was before Baby P started his marathon nighttime sleeps). I subbed in swiss, and they were just as delicious! So don’t let the gruyere scare you off, is what I’m saying.

We start with the bacon! Six strips, please. Normally I am lazy and microwave it, but I had to cook it in the pan this time because I needed all that rendered bacon grease. It makes up all the fat in the muffins, no butter or oil!

I mean, I guess I could appreciate how much crispier it is cooked in a skillet, too. Mmmm.

While the bacon fried, I diced up the green ends of a couple of scallions. The recipe calls for 1/3 cup, and honestly I just eyeballed it.

Then the cheese! Like I said, I subbed in swiss. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find pre-grated swiss... and I am opposed to grating my own cheese (I feel like I’ll grate my knuckles instead, and let’s all agree that cleaning a cheese grater is The Worst). So I just sort of cut of thin little slices instead. Close enough!

Okay! Once all our little mix-ins are good to go, it’s time to assemble the muffin batter. For this I just straight-up followed Elly’s directions: 1.5 cups of flour, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, 1.5 teaspoons of sugar, and salt and pepper (ok, I didn’t measure the salt, but I measured everything else!):

Mix that up, then dump in all the cheesy bacon scalliony goodness. I mean come ON. Look at that!

That shouldn’t just be breakfast, that should be every meal.

Onward to the wet ingredients. Remember how I mentioned that bacon grease? Now you need it! You need 1/4 cup – I had almost exactly that, but Elly said it’s cool to add vegetable oil if you have leaner bacon. I let it cool while assembling dry ingredients, then added 3/4 cup COLD milk, and then an egg.

You gotta do the milk before the egg to cool the grease so you don’t have scrambled eggs in your muffins. The more you know! (Also, there was supposed to be a teaspoon of Dijon in there that I totally forgot. It’s cool. You can add it or not!)

Add the wet ingredients to the dry and give it a few stirs. Don’t overmix – you want this all to stay fluffy.

Then portion into greased muffin tins – well, I greased them, which may not have been necessary. The recipe is supposed to make a dozen but I made nine (which I figured is all I could eat before they’d go off).

Finally, bake them – fifteen minutes at 425 degrees. And behold!

Yes, it’s blurry because there was almost certainly a baby in the background that needed my attention. Still. You get the idea!

While they’re called muffins, these treats really are fluffy enough to be almost like a flaky biscuit. I’m sure the animal fat in place of oil helps! So if you like your bacon and cheese biscuit from a fast food restaurant, you’re going to want to make these ASAP.

The ONLY downside to these muffins is that they take more effort in the mornings than grabbing a pop tart. But fortunately, they’ll last a few days and are super tasty after a few seconds in the microwave to warm them back up. If you’re not a breakfast eater, these may convince you otherwise! Enjoy!


Janice said...

These look mighty tasty! I'm going to have to give them a try. A quick breakfast I make on occasion is breakfast burritos. I make a batch and wrap/freeze them. In the morning, just take them out and in 1 1/2 min in microwave, bingo, breakfast on the go (if running late). I can send recipe if you'd like.