15 April 2015

Lady Ofelia

Longtime readers will remember that a while back, I pulled off our old duvet cover in a fit of... not desperation, and not anger. Not really boredom? Just a regular ol’ fit, I guess. And although even today I understand why I was suddenly and vehemently so over the old duvet cover, I admit, It left our bed... wanting.

The fact that we had a naked duvet on our bed for so long meant that I’d started to become inured to it. Remember how I used an outdoor patio table as a coffee table in our living room for so long that I forgot that was even weird? Yeah. The naked duvet was like that.

And it probably would have continued like that, except for one thing: Baby P. For all the wonderful attributes of Baby P – cheerful disposition, sleeping through the night, precocious ability to laugh at poop jokes – he does have a challenging one, which is his tremendous reflux. He’s even on meds for it, because this baby sure does barf a lot. And while I could easily run our clothes or sheets through the wash, the duvet seemed more naked and vulnerable to his refluxy ways than ever. We needed a duvet cover again, one that could go through the laundry quickly and easily.

And so. The duvet hunt was on for real this time! I really do love the NYPONROS in our nursery/guest room, so I was really tempted to just get another (in gray this time!) and call it a day. But Mr. P prefers solid colors, and I really do seem to have a bit of an excessive-stripe problem, so I searched around for another that would meet my criteria: I wanted a light neutral, with something interesting about it, for cheap. Although I searched a ways around the internet, I ended up right back at IKEA:

The OFELIA VASS! I don’t know what that means in Swedish, but to me it sounds like a classy lady. I’ll take it.

Even with the grotesque shipping fees (because our IKEA is still not built yet), OFELIA here was cheaper than my other top discount picks from H&M and Target. So I ordered online, sight-unseen, which can be dicey. Fortunately, I found that the natural white tone – not bright-white – blended well with so much of our bedroom. It’s a bit creamier than our BRIMNES wardrobes (which are themselves a warmer shade than true white):

But OFELIA is a bit brighter than the muted, soft white of our RITVA curtains:

Remember, it doesn’t matter if your whites match, so long as you have a range!

But the most important thing is that we finally had a duvet cover that matched our sheets! Just compare the bright white naked duvet on the top right to OFELIA across the bottom with our sheets:

Granted, now the sheets are getting ancient and worn, but hey, at least they match till we get new ones! And interestingly, in that photo, the new duvet cover looks even more ivory than the sheets, but in real life it’s a brighter, crisper shade. Again, go for the range of neutrals!

The closures are nothing fancy... it’s IKEA, after all. But they are utilitarian and unobtrusive. The bottom of the duvet cover has plastic snaps:

And the shams, rather than being open on the ends, have a simple envelope closure – which is hard to see in all the photos I took, but I guess that’s kind of the point:

Ok, once it was all cleaned and dried, it was time to put it on our bed! First, I sewed ribbons on the inside corners to secure it to our duvet – I showed you how I do that here. I also showed you before how to put a duvet cover on in no time flat. So let’s fast-forward to the finished product!

Heck yes, that looks so much nicer! (Pardon the divots... we’re probably due for a new mattress sooner rather than later!)

One of the best things about OFELIA VASS in particular is the fact that the wrinkles are part of its charm. It won’t need to be ironed because the rumply texture makes it so pretty!

And did you notice... it’s kinda got stripes without actually being striped?! I guess it fits in, then.

You guys, I’m so thrilled to have a duvet cover again – and one that’s machine washable, and for a low price. While I’d rather Baby P stop barfing altogether, at least now I won’t panic if (WHEN) he barfs on our bed. And I love the OFELIA in particular – in the end, it was just what I wanted. It only took two years to figure that out!


Janice said...

Good things come to those who wait!
It looks great, glad you waited for it.