10 April 2015

Photo Friday #198: another sort of springtime ephemera

Today I was going to post one of the many photos I took this week of the blooming trees, because yay springtime and flowers and warm weather. But then my kid spent ten minutes trying and failing to get his toes in his mouth and, well, I’d rather remember that from this week.

Both are short-lived and fill me with joy.


Mechelle Dyer said...

Awhhh! He knows that baby toes are sweet too - tee hee. :)

Janice said...

I'm glad you have your priorities straight (not that there were any doubts!) haha Keep the camera at the ready cause kids grow so fast and you DO want to catch every moment of the cuteness. Kudos on catching this one. Waaay better than a flower which will be there tomorrow anyway :)