01 May 2015

Photo Friday #201: I like Ike(a)

Mr. P was out and about the other morning when he snapped this photo for me. He was about a mile from our house.

Can you feel how excited I am?!


Janice said...

Yep, it's confirmed. I need to buy stock in IKEA very soon. Can I just say how very jealous I am though? I have to drive 3 hours to get to my closest IKEA store.

Miles said...

Very cool but I was secretly wanting to see May Day flowers ;)

Rachel C said...

Oh the varied emotions that IKEA causes. When I think about an IKEA about a mile from my house, my heart starts racing, my palms get sweaty and I feel like I might pass out...and not in a good way. :-/

Sarah said...

@Janice and @Rachel, it's definitely dangerous to have it so close! But I'm also hoping that, just maybe, I'll start taking it for granted and won't be so IKEA-obsessed anymore? Because otherwise I'm spending ALL THE MONIES there.

@Miles, I now can confirm those came later in the day :)