22 May 2015

Photo Friday #204: five months going on fourteen years

I try, like all parents, to capture as much of Baby P’s life in photos as possible. Anytime we have extra time before a nap, or when the light is nice, I grab the camera and take as many photos as possible. He’s usually a pretty happy baby, so I can just snap away until I get a few good shots. Sometimes he’s into it! Sometimes he’s.... not.


I have qualms about sharing potentially embarrassing photos of my baby on the internet, but I’m going to let this one out into the world, just in case it brings as much joy to you as it does for me.


Janice said...

He made me smile. The number of potential captions is limitless.

Tina said...

Hahaha! This is your sitting-in-a-bucket shot. You did it, too! You laughed and snapped a picture first thing. See? It happens! ;-)
Love it!

Mechelle said...

OMgosh, that is just too funny...how expressive. hugs to all!