13 May 2015

Reclaiming the master bedroom

You know, dear readers, it’s been quite a while since I wrote one of those goal-driven, long-term, list-heavy, “here’s where I think I’m going with this” sort of posts. I guess I thought those would seem low-effort to my readers, or something like that – all thinking, no doing. So when I cut back to three posts a week (effectively two content-driven ones), they got left out. Here’s one from six months ago about planning Baby P’s nursery and the one before that was, whoa, back in August!

Those posts were always so good for me, though, for helping sort out my ideas in an ordered way and then using that list for reference to, you know, actually do them. So I’m bringing one back today, because it’s high time I started tackling a to-do list for our bedroom. Last you saw, it looked like this:

Up until recently, though, it looked more like this.

And that’s after I cleaned up a bit. [embarrassed wide-eyed emoji here] Don’t miss the horribly dirty mirror that Baby P has barfed on multiple times while studying his reflection. This is real life.

But! Now that Baby P has regularly started sleeping in his own room (as I told you last time), it’s time for let Mr. P and I make our room more about us than him!

I’ve already checked off two items on this list:

1) Spruce up our nightstands

I did that here – even though that stuff’s from the office-supply aisle, the gold touches help the space feel grown-up!

2) Get a new duvet cover

Granted we’ve only had her a couple of months, but she’s just as nice now.

So that’s a start, but there’s a lot left to do!

3) Hang a gallery wall

Maybe you noticed the DIY Ballard knockoff mirrors are missing in the photo above? That’s because they got relocated elsewhere (more on that later because I need to focus on one room at a time, geez), leaving that big open space... just begging for some personal art that belongs in our own private space. And so... gallery wall! I mentioned it here, and again here, but I promise I won’t just be all talk. Eventually I’ll do it! I’ve even been hoarding things to hang – just check them out stashed next to the crib.

4) Paint the standing mirror

It doesn’t look too terrible in the photo up there, but in real life, that mirror is a sort of gross glossy antique white. It’s bugged me for years now – I first pointed out the grody color a solid two years ago.

I’m still not sure what color to paint it, though, lo these many months later. Gold seems too bold with its ornate details, white seems too safe, dark gray seems like the beautiful details would be lost. So I dunno. Still thinking on it! We all know it’ll be a neutral, at least.

5) Fix the paint on the nightstands

Months (years?) later I still love our RAST nightstands

But I’ll be honest: I’m paying for the slipshod way I painted the drawers now. It’s hard to see – and I didn’t take new photos yet – but the oak knots on the drawer fronts are bleeding through the white paint, really really badly. They need putty and paint and they need those, stat. I was so happy with that project when I first finished, there’s no need to be disappointed now!

6) Spruce up the furniture with new hardware and rearranging

We moved the crib out of the dormer window, but the shelves that formerly occupied that space are now pretending to be my perfect midcentury credenza elsewhere. I don’t want to purchase more furniture, but rather repurpose what I can from elsewhere in our house. Maybe a chair, an end table?

I also want to improve the furniture I have, like the TV stand. It’s boring mass-market laminate furniture that I’ve had for over a decade, but it’s functional.

from less-dusty days

Still, it could be improved with some new knobs, right?! No more brushed nickel – maybe gold to go with the rest of my gallery wall. Or perhaps something ceramic? I’ll figure it out!

And finally:

7) Finish those wardrobes already OH my GAH

YES I KNOW I really really KNOW this is RIDICULOUS how long this is going on. Does it help to know that I actually have stained boards, actual finished wood for the frames – courtesy of my stepfather – just sort of leaning against the wardrobes?!

PROGRESS, you guys! I just have to figure out exactly how I want to attach the boards without destroying the laminate underneath, but tight enough to compensate for their definite curvature. Argh. I’ll get there eventually?

So there – now I have a list to tackle! I admit, after a solid year focused on making our entire apartment a home for Baby P, it feels good to make a plan for our own room again. And even though progress is glacial nowadays, at least I have my head in the game enough to get started!


Rachel C said...

While I appreciate that you want to make certain your Monday and Wednesday posts stay content driven since you aren't posting as often, I have missed your "to do list" posts! I love seeing your train of thought and plan of action before you tackle a new goal. So, yay!! Let's go Master Bedroom!