25 May 2015

Year four

It’s Memorial Day today, dear readers, the day we set aside to honor our servicemen and women who lost their lives in battle. Obviously that makes today quite special on its own, and I hope you have an opportunity to remember our fallen soldiers today.

But on a personal and far more trivial note, it’s a big day for the blog. Because this just happens to be my one thousandth post.

Oh my goodness, you don’t say.

One thousand times I have written for this blog when I certainly had other things to do. One thousand times I stared at a blank screen and filled it for the sake of filling it. One thousand times I’ve felt trepidation but hit the Publish button anyway. One thousand posts and I am still faking my way through this.

But wait THAT’S NOT ALL. It just so happens that on this holiday weekend, my one thousandth post also coincides with my fourth blogiversary!

Whoa! That worked out well.

I know! It’s like by now I’ve learned how to coordinate and plan for these things but NOPE! Still winging it after all these years!

Here are the annual stats:

Posts to date: ONE THOUSAND BABY

Most popular time to read the blog: Still around 8-9AM. Glad I have a few extra hours to get a post up if I forget to auto-post at 6AM per usual, ha.

Mobile vs. Desktop, round two: Still desktop, but just barely! Desktop tallies about 60% of pageviews. Guess when I retool my layout (HAHAHAHAHA) I’ll take mobile into consideration, because I bet next year mobile wins!

Most popular month for this blog all-time: August 2014, which happens to coincide with our announcement about Baby P. It’s all mommyblogging downhill from here!

Most popular referrer, round three: Google wins again this year, twice as much as Pinterest! Sorry, Pinterest. We’re all becoming disillusioned.

How to find me on google: Still gotta search for “redheaded stepchild blog”. But then I’m the first hit, wooo!

What happens when you search “redheaded stepchild” on google: The first hit is a website designed for poems you can’t publish elsewhere (hence the name). The current issue is “Fall/Winter 2015”, which you’ll note hasn’t happened yet. I am apparently dethroned by a time-traveling online poetry mag. But they have been around since 2008, so I am ok with that.

How many pages you have to click through before you find me if you just search “redheaded stepchild”: Four, which is surprisingly low to me (I’d prepared myself to click through many more). Still, I’ve clearly missed the SEO boat. I am ok with that too.

Most popular post of all time: yeah yeah we all know how much everyone loves the DIY stenciled trellis canvas. Remember, it made it to Buzzfeed this year! Unfortunate that they didn’t feature this more unique stenciled canvas instead – but that’s ok, because:

Most amazing note from a reader EVER: These comments by Dave from the UK, who used that owl stencil to make a locket for his wife. I mean, LOOK. That is INCREDIBLE.

I could just pack it in this year, because I’m not sure anything so amazing is ever going to be inspired by this blog again. But why stop now, when I’ve made it this far?!

And per annual tradition, here are the ten most popular posts published in the last year:

#10: DIY stenciled paisley curtains (part 1 & part 2)

My goodness, am I glad these made the top posts because SO MUCH WORK but also SO WORTH IT.

#9: The nifty (and safe!) adhesive-removal trick

As predicted, approximately four seconds after Baby P sat up in his crib for the first time, he tried to gnaw on the rail. And when he did, there were no stickers and no chemicals going in his mouth!

#8: Baby’s first party

I’m so glad this post made the anniversary list, because there are so many good DIYs in it and I did none of them. Thanks again to my incredible sisters-in-law for a beautiful shower for Baby P!

#7: #ferguson

It’s hard reading that post today, mostly because even though the violence has largely subsided... everything else feels the same way, the better part of a year later.

#6: A true dual-function guest room/nursery

Apparently a lot of other folks have a two-bedroom problem like us! That post only covered the guest room side of things; it’s too bad the actual nursery tour isn’t nearly as popular, because then readers could see how it all came together.

#5: DIY no-sew crib skirt

Still one of my favorite parts of Baby P’s room – lovely to look at but functional too! It totally covers up the storage under his bed. And the later addition of Velcro means I haven’t had to stress every time I lift it to get something out.

#4: DIY shoe storage ottoman

The shoes are organized slightly less neatly nowadays, but it’s still working out great for keeping my shoes corralled!

#3: Stylebook app review

This is one of those things that you put out into the world and then kinda forget about and then WHOA everyone is paying attention to it! Good thing that’s not the post where I admitted that I only wash my hair once a week or something like that.

#2: Amazing gray

A lot of the apartment-painting posts racked up pageviews, not altogether surprisingly, because picking a shade of gray is hard. But for some reason, this one took a huge lead! I think the final whole-painted-apartment tour is more satisfying, though.

And finally, the most popular post of this blog’s fourth year:

#1: Blackout curtain liner installation

Hahahaha! I mean, obviously. Because NO PACKAGE DIRECTIONS.

And finally, time for my annual gushing of gratitude for YOU, dear readers. Thanks for sticking around for all the middling photography, the questionable post ideas, the run-on sentences, the shift to fewer posts per week, and the occasional gem of a post that I’m actually proud of. Because as surprised as I am that I am still here four years later (whoa), I’m even more stunned that you’ve stuck with me too. Thank you. I wouldn’t write here if I didn’t do it for myself, but it sure makes it easier to do it for you, too.

Here’s to another year of pretending to be a blogger. Cheers!


Janice said...

Appreciate the hard work and time consuming efforts you do to write your blog. I enjoy clicking on the URL and wondering, "What's today's topic?" Thank YOU for continuing to write even with such a busy schedule.