17 June 2015

[Extended] Wedding Week 2015: Bridesmaid Bags

Today’s the last project for this year’s Wedding Week, and like the out-of-town bags I wrote about last year, today’s post is about giving back to those who did so much for us at our wedding. Today’s all about the attendant gifts!

Seriously, I really had the most stunning bridesmaids. And so generous and thoughtful too!

You might notice in that above photo, however, that I didn’t go with the traditional bridesmaid gift of jewelry. It’s always a lovely gift, but I asked my bridesmaids to pick their own dresses, so I figured they might as well get to put together their whole ensemble. Still, I wanted to get them something they could use on the wedding day and beyond (like the quintessential gift of jewelry), and so instead I went with these:

Monogrammed totes! Which I absolutely did NOT DIY. Nowadays I could – my mom has been monogramming everything in sight lately for Baby P – but back then, we didn’t have the right equipment. So these came from Ballard Designs, which despite selling housewares for no less than eleventy billion dollars, actually has reasonably priced monogrammed totes (which cost even less than when I ordered these for my maids, crazy!).

But I didn’t want to give them an empty tote, so I added a few more things they could use with a little kit of items to have on hand:

Tissues, lip balm, a lint roller, and a mini grooming kit. All tied up with a bow, because I had to make use of all that extra cardstock and ribbon somehow, right?

I confess that in retrospect, I realize I was totally spent on projects and therefore didn’t have as much fun as I could have with the day-of kit. If I could do it again today, I might raid the mini-size section of Sephora (you know, around the cash registers) and put in some fancy snacks. It’s a big bag – so much opportunity to have some fun!

Fortunately, I also threw in something a bit more substantial: a black pashmina-style scarf, like this one. I ended up buying several, reasoning that everyone can use a black wrap for dressy events – I even got one for myself, and it’s gone with me to almost every wedding since (see proof here and here)! I also gave those to our sisters, who served as our readers in our wedding ceremony. Instead of the monogrammed bags, I gave them theirs in a smaller reusable tote:

(Again with the green and white and black, because when you’re a bride, you foist your wedding colors on everyone else!)

So while this wasn’t the most DIY-est of my wedding projects, it did come together well in the end! My bridesmaids seemed to enjoy receiving them:

And even if they did it just to humor me, they all used their bags the next day!

Honestly, writing this post makes me wish I’d gotten a bag for myself, too! (I’m only resisting the urge to order one because I know now that my DIY resources, i.e. my mom’s abilities, means I should at least consider DIY’ing one.) It really does make a great token of appreciation for any lady, not just bridesmaids. But even if you don’t DIY the bag itself, it’s still a fun project to collect the items to put inside.

And with that, I’m done describing the projects and sourcing the goods for this year’s wedding week! All that’s left to do now is enjoy the anniversary of the wedding itself...


Rachel C said...

I love the BM tote idea. I did the same thing for my BM because I wanted them to have something they would (hopefully) reuse and enjoy. (Not that jewelry isn't wonderful, but how many pearl studs does a girl need?) I got chocolate brown (hello wedding color!) LL Bean long handled Bean bags and filled them with chocolate, a coffee mug, Starbucks gift card, and a Philosophy shower gel set. (Basically everything I loved and hoped they would.)

Miranda said...

I still use mine all the time!