15 June 2015

[Extended] Wedding Week 2015: DIY Bridal Brunch

I’m back today with another installment of this year’s [extended] wedding week, now actually during wedding week! And today’s post could also do double duty with another Monday tradition: Eats. Because today we’re going to cover a big wedding-related project of my mother’s, and that’s the bridal brunch she held at my house the morning of the wedding.

I get the DIY gene from her.

To be honest, for all my DIY mania, I really do think (hope?) I was mostly low-maintenance about all the wedding festivities. I didn’t want to make my bridesmaids come to the salon to get their hair or nails done, I wasn’t interested in a limo ride around town with Mr. P, and I really didn’t need a budget-blowing bridal brunch... nor was I about to ask my mom to work hard to DIY one. But she offered and was excited about throwing yet another party on our wedding weekend, so I knew better than to argue about receiving a lovely brunch!

Considering all the other goings-on in the days around our wedding, my mother was a smart woman who kept it fairly simple. The guest list included just bridesmaids (I had three), sisters, and moms, and she held it at my house. Invitation was just word of mouth, and décor was simple: her own lace tablecloth, plus flowers from our rehearsal dinner and my stepfather’s rose garden. By keeping those things easy, she could focus on the real crowd-pleaser: the FOOD.

(Oh and PS, this was obviously OBVIOUSLY before I was at all interested in decorating my house... please be gentle with these five-year-old before photos!)

All of that food, plus all of those serving pieces and dishes, was put together by my mom, much of it in her home hours away and transported to my house! That alone was quite the production, but she managed it well – and better yet, she wrote down the menu for posterity and passed it along to me.

That’s hard to read, I know. So here’s the DIY bridal brunch menu:

Sausage breakfast casserole
Spinach quiche
Cheese grits
Tea biscuits with homemade lemon curd
French toast strips
Banana nut bread
Lemon poppyseed muffins
Cheese and grapes plate with crackers
Fresh strawberries
Chocolate bread pudding with chocolate gravy

And of course, beverages...

Mimosas (or plain OJ), fruit tea, English breakfast tea and coffee!

So if you wanted to DIY your own... here are some recipes for you! The ones she used aren’t online anymore (she printed them out for me!) but I found some that are similar enough! No judgment for “cheater’s” recipes... remember that she did this all solo on top of all the other wedding whatnot.

French toast strips with powdered sugar

(Ok... I don’t have a close-up photo of this but you should still make...)
Chocolate bread pudding with chocolate gravy (also for tea biscuits)

You better believe with a spread like that, a delicious time was had by all!

And honestly, that’s all this party needed – good food and good company. I love looking back on all these photos because we’re all either laughing or have big grins on our faces! I didn’t think I needed a bridal brunch... but I’m sure glad we had one.

So while I don’t want to pretend this wasn’t a LOT of work for my mom... it was totally doable. And she even went above and beyond making so many things herself! If you want a bridal brunch but it just seems overwhelmingly difficult, then take a few shortcuts with pre-made foods and just zhush them up by putting them on fancy plates. Add some good friends and mimosas, and that’s a wedding day that’s off to a great start!

I’ve got one more wedding week post for you later this week, dear readers! Stay tuned!


Tina said...

Thank you for the posting, Dearheart!
Looking back at this fun addition to such a wonderful day is like a cherry on the top and was really really just as easy to add. Using a caterer's approach made it so, too - preparing everything off-site and swooping in (like Aunt Ro' ;-)) to pull it all together kept your house unmussed. And then whisking it away back to my house made for a super fast clean-up - and freed up your kitchen and fridge space for y'all's return to the house after your two week honeymoon... !
Having this at your house made way for all those summertime barefeet in the pix. Hard to get more casual and relaxing than that!
Finally after five years of being able to look back only leaves me with one regret - Knowing David's aunts as I do now while they were not part of the actual wedding ceremony per se, their presence would have only added so much more gaiety to this diy event! Well, them and maybe even more mimosas. ;-)