05 June 2015

Photo Friday #206: wedding blooms, part two

The hydrangeas are a little late blooming this year in STL, for whatever reason. But they’re starting to show up over the last week, which makes me do a mental happy dance when I see them. They’re my favorite sign of summer, because they remind me of our wedding, and when they bloom, it means our wedding anniversary is oh so soon.

In years past, I did a wedding week of DIY projects around our anniversary. But now I post less frequently, so I had to decide whether to have a wedding week or not. My solution... an extended wedding week, so I can still share four fun DIY parts of our wedding! So get ready, because I’m kicking it off next week. Tis the season!


Janice said...

They flowers are so pretty, I wish they had a longer blooming time. Yes, they DO remind me of your beautiful wedding.