20 July 2015

Team P takes Oslo, part 3

It’s time to wrap up our Norwegian adventure here on the blog! I told myself I wouldn’t drag these recaps out longer than the actual trip, so today I’ll finish recounting our time in Oslo. And though I already told you how much we loved the Folk Museum, it wouldn’t be a Team P adventure without even more museums!

When we realized our ticket to the Viking Ship Museum also covered admission to the Cultural History Museum within two days, we headed over to the university to get our money’s worth.

(Oslo Pride, everywhere we looked!)

The museum boasts a reconstructed interior of a stave church, which was neat to see after visiting the Gol church at the Folk Museum. (Not unlike when we went to Pompeii and then saw the rest of it in the museum in Naples!)

The only intact Viking helmet is also in this museum. I told you, we saw almost all the Viking artifacts we know about!

This museum experience was hindered a bit by the lack of air conditioning on the single day of the year it was really needed, and the elevator was out of order, so we had to check the stroller and carry Baby P throughout. But we are museum-goers, and so we soldiered on!

The rest of the museum was not Norwegian culture, but rather collections of the university – Egyptian mummies, Japanese vases. Interesting to see, if not particularly unique to Oslo!

We also went to the National Gallery, where we saw Munch’s The Scream (no photos allowed!), along with whatever else Baby P had the patience to let us see.

Like more of Munch, some Picassos, a Degas sculpture...

And more! I admit, the art gallery was not necessarily Baby P’s favorite activity, but he rolled with it – literally, into the service elevator, which is how you get your stroller between floors. The guard gives you a flashlight so you don’t have to ride in the dark! Ha!

In all, we only had a few full days to explore Oslo before I had to go to my conference. But even that had a bit of sightseeing involved, thanks to an invitation from the Mayor of Oslo to a dinner for conference-goers at City Hall! My labmate snapped this shot of me on the back side of City Hall, which looks out onto the harbor.

Then we made our way to the front, which has the art deco vibe that continues to the interior.

And speaking of the interior, we got the grand tour of the upstairs part of the building! SO MANY beautiful rooms, with gorgeous tiles, furniture, and tapestries.

True, any old tourist could probably wander around up here during visiting hours... but hey, the folks there know how to make a girl feel special.

That was about the only touristy thing I did related to the conference, though. Meanwhile, Mr. P and Baby P entertained themselves while I was working... by going to more museums! Like the Nobel Peace Prize museum. It’s awarded in City Hall – yes, that building I just showed you! – and has a museum across the street.

They also visited not one, but two modern art museums.

Mr. P clearly saved those for when I was busy at the conference, as my appreciation for modern art is... um, lacking. Because it’s my blog, I’ll show you my favorite photos from his visits: the view!

Seriously, those clouds look photoshopped onto the sky. It is so beautiful there.

Given how pretty that is, it’s no surprise that my favorite place to hang out in Oslo was the harbor. Sure, it’s touristy, but with gorgeous weather, why not take the chance to dine there al fresco? Even our little ham enjoyed it!

But for our very last dinner in Oslo, we behaved more like locals and bought... THIS:

THAT is a Grandiosa frozen pizza, and apparently in Norway it is A Thing. It has its own Wikipedia page, which highlights how songs about Grandiosa pizza have hit the top of the charts in Norway twice.

I guess it did have its own distinct taste, but it mostly was just a regular frozen pizza.

Still! You can’t argue that we tried to get the full Norwegian experience in our short time in Oslo. We also got Baby P hooked on the boat channel. I don’t quite understand the boat channel, other than it seems to be a camera live-streaming from atop some boat sailing around, and it enthralled my baby.

Note in the background that our suitcases are packed up – by the time we were eating Norwegian pizza and watching the boat channel, it was time to head back to the USA! The way home was somewhat less eventful (no mad dashes through the airport) and more enjoyable (British Airways serves better food than American). And throughout our journey, Baby P was his usual easygoing self – even at 10pm in the STL airport, with some crazy eye bags after going 24 hours without a real bedtime!

So. Was it easy to take a baby to Norway? Easier than just going by ourselves, no, but not so difficult in the end. I’d go again tomorrow and wouldn’t really do anything differently, so I’d say we had a great time! Part of our success was due to Baby P’s even temper, but very careful planning helped a lot, too. I learned a lot of tips and tricks for traveling with a baby – and I’ll share those next time!